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Can eating a peppermint candy help with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19627points) 1 month ago

Instead of taking a IBGuard peppermint pill?

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No. Candy is candy, IBGard is a way of delivering peppermint oil.

Chewing altoids as an alterntaive will probably just give you heartburn,

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You could try peppermint tea, with no sugar. I have noticed that sugar often gives me a sour stomach. that couldn’t help IBS.

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@snowberry Ok I will check my grocery store for peppermint tea next time I go shopping.

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Ordered Tetley Tea Pure Peppermint Herbal Tea, 20-Count and IBGuard peppermint pill. Will try with the free Athabasca university free English exam.

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Will try McDonalds peppermint tea. Also ordered more IBGuard and the above tea from Amazon.

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