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As a child who wiped away all of your tears?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19628points) 1 month ago

Who does it now?
Or do you not have anyone?

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The phrase “Stop crying or I’ll have give you something to cry about.”

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@ragingloli I am sorry that you had abusive caregivers. That is not normal in this century. You were wronged.

I would cry in the shower or in the basement bath tub in the dark. So no one could find out. The neighborhood bullies would jump at the chance to find out how to hurt me more.

Don’t worry; When I hit puberty early I broke the mofo’s knee cap when I was in junior high and he was a young adult gangleader.

I have only seen him once in 25 years. He got taller and built up his muscles. I caved in and gave him my Froster/slurpy. I haven’t seen him since. For all that I know he could still be living in the slum neighborhood or in jail.

All I have is my mom and an outreach worker.

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Then: My Mom
Now: My Mom

Love ya Mom!

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No one. Mom got mad when we cried so it was not allowed.

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I did. Now, I do.

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My mom. Now I do. Though for quite awhile my husband did.
ETA: My kitty does sometimes too, she licks them off my face.

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Me, myself,I.
Raised independantly by a father that was a professional boxer most of his life and not lenient with what he sees as weak individuals.
Mother has her own problems and thus raised us independant of any needs,encourgaement, hugs etc
Very disfunctional upbringing…might as well been on my own or living in an orphange.
But to be fair times were different then and that is how they raised children, hands off approach.

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Nobody will. I have my family but I am also a secretive introvert. So, yea.

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