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Whats the best way to get rid of cat odor?

Asked by tanibear (48points) September 14th, 2008

My boy(cat) had kidney stones so he started peeing in the hallway on the wall to wall carpeting. I have tried washing with kosla and bleach but still cant get rid of the odor. Its driving me crazy. This is a rental apt so there is no possibility of pulling the carpet up..

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Contact a professional carpet-cleaning service and ask them if they can eliminate the odor for you, and how much they will charge, to do that.

This is important: Have a written guarantee stating that they will accomplish that, or your money is refunded. If they aren’t willing to put such a guarantee in writing, then look for another company that will.

After the carpet has been cleaned and deodorized, file a lawsuit against your cat, to force him to pay 50% of the cleaning bill.

That’s what I would do.

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Mix white vinegar with water in a 50–50 ratio. Dab onto the urine stain to neatralise as much smell as possible. Sprinkle generously with baking soda (another odor neatraliser) and vacuum. While you are at it, sprinkle the entire room liberally with baking soda and vacuum.
I got that from e-zine articles, I had the same problem, it worked for me.

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I use “Complete” brand for Cats… Stain & Odor remover. I don’t remember where I got it but here’s the info on the back of the bottle:

Eight In One Pet Products
distributed by United Pet Group, Inc.
Cincinatti, Ohio 45255
(800) 645–5154

There was another one I had once I think by Arm & Hammer but I can’t find it anymore. I got it in a tiny podunk pet store where I used to live. I don’t really ever have to use it so I forget where I buy the stuff and exactly what it was… lol. Anyway..

The problem right now is the possibility of the cat urine having gone through the carpet to the floor. You might not be able to get the smell out ever without ripping up the carpet and scrubbing the floorboards underneath, unfortunately. But this stuff I mentioned works really really well. I would mix white vinegar with water, half and half, and pour it generously (but not so it floods the place obviously) all over the spot on the carpet and let it seep down. Normally I wouldn’t suggest that but since you can’t rip up the carpet and get to the floorboards, it’s necessary. Let it sit for maybe 15 minutes. Then soak it all up using paper towels… get as much out of the carpet as you can. Then spray generously the spray I suggested (or whatever one you happen to get) and scrub the crap out of it. Make sure you test it out of sight first so you know it won’t fade the carpet. Let the spray sit another 10 minutes… then blot all the liquid out with paper towels again. Get yourself one of those carpet deodorizers for pets. Sprinkle it on the carpet, let it sit for 5 minutes, and vacuum it up. You should be good to go by then.

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The best way to get rid of cat odor is to get rid of the cat.

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But not ultil after the lawsuit!

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Getting rid of the cat that caused the urine odor, won’t eliminate the urine odor that is already there.

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But it will eliminate the cause of the both the urine, and the odor.

By the way, Woody, should I be concerned that word URINE appears on the label of my mURINE Eye Drops?

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Natures Miracle. It is available in most pet shops.

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fabreeze lol

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oust??? look>

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@JackAdams…were not looking for the cause, we are looking for a solution to the cat odor.

don’t give me any of your attitude today, I have enough of my own to deal with!

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!!!!!NATURE’S MIRACLE .....have you tried this? It is better than most anything. You can get it at the nicer pet supply stores….

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@Woody: As you have “requested,” I won’t give you any attitude today, because, as I have been told by so many (via PMs), you have a very large pecker and I wouldn’t wish to feel you using it on me, no way…

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Huh? what are you talking about?
I have never said any such thing about what you typed above…and I haven’t PM you many times either! You are so full of yourself…

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Well OTHERS have told me (via PM) that, quoting them verbatim, “A woodpecker has a very large pecker, and if they use it on you, they can poke a lot of holes in your head.”

So I read, and heed!

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Nature’s Miracle is one of the enzymatic cleaner that are available. The enzymes actually digest the organic material and work very well for removing odor. Just look for product that has enzymatic action.

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Oh, so others have PM you about me, well great…aren’t they lovely…I have never had a personal conversation PM with anyone but 3 other people and they were very nice, and the conversation wasn’t about anyone here on fluther. I don’t think any of these people I have had a discussion with PM’d you.
I don’t post often and limit myself and have never persoanlly insulted or degraded anyone here, but you have people pming you about me. Great, I’ll take you and them with a grain of salt. The only person I have had fun with openly was with you, I see that was only one sided. I won’t acknowledge you from here on out. So you and your pming buddies can have someone else to talk about.

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C’mon! You’ve given me some joking jibes; you mean you are incapable of taking, what you publicly dish out to others?

”“ha ha ha HA ha!”

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I give you, not anyone else. Who are the others?

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Sorry! If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

Reasons of National Security, you understand…

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[mods says] Please stop with the off-topic conversation. That’s what PMs are for. Thank you.

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Yeah right

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Well all I can say is…no chance of getting rid of the cat as he owns me…no chance of doing a lawsuit as noone sues anyone in the country i live no matter how necessary it is..and here in Turkey I cant find some of the store bought products of which you speak…but I CAN find vinegar and baking soda so will try that…I did lift a corner of the carpet and believe it or not it was layed straight on cement…

I am thinking to swap english speaking practice for laminate and labor (in other words a linoleum type flooring plus the labor) that way i can scrap the carpet and feel good in my apt again…..thanks everyone for the great advice….

oh ps…we did have febreeze on the shelves at one time..i loved that stuff but i cant find it anywhere anymore..

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Get rid of the cat

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I second the vote for Febreze. It has the added advantage of being available in nearly every grocery store I’ve ever been in.

Another (expensive) option: replace the odor-infected item. We had to do this with our carpet. It was just too irresistible to our male cat.

Yes, getting rid of the cat will indeed prevent future odors, but it’s not a very helpful suggestion, is it?

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