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How hard is a GMAT exam?

Asked by iordanou (24points) September 24th, 2010

I’m considering to take the GMAT exam, however before I start all my preparation I would like someone with experience in this examination give me some advice.

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How far out of college are you? My daughter found it helpful to take the GMAT right after she to college pre-cal; she hit a perfect score on the math because of that.

You need to study, and do a lot of practice tests. I’ve been studying, and it’s been hard because I’m out of test taking mode—college is a long way behind me in the rear view mirror.

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I had a poor undergraduate GPA, but 4 years after graduation from Purdue, scoring very well on the GMAT (along with several recommendations from my employers) got me admitted into Indiana University graduate School of Business, a well regarded program in the mid-west. I did use a study guide that helped me with the type of questions and how to approach them which helped my comfort level.

Anyway, what can it hurt (other than testing fees) as you need the GMAT to get admitted to a decent MBA program. Diploma mills will admit you their program if you can cover the tuition, and so the degree from this type of program is not very well regarded.

One thing, the GMAT felt more like an IQ test and is accepted by Mensa for admission.

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