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What are the little white dots in my canned Puritan Beef Stew?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19627points) 1 month ago

Is it fat? mold? Or something else?

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If they’re squishy, it’s probably fat. If they’re hard, it’s probably salt.

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I would say little globs of fat, especially if they’re floating on top. They’ll disappear when you heat it up, unless you scoop them off first. One easy way to do that is to lay a paper towel across the surface and let the fat stick to it and you can just peel it up. Works with canned soup, too, like chicken soup.

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Fat is my guess. Salt would have dissolved.

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Fat globules.

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How old was the can when you opened it?

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@elbanditoroso One to four years. Also it was a year ago that I opened the can.

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^^^ I hope you’re not still thinking about eating it.

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@kneesox No. I have other containers in my pantry. Maybe I should toss them too?

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I was kind of joking, @RedDeerGuy1, with the idea that you opened the can a year ago and might still be pondering the little white blobs.

But if you have other cans that expired several years ago, yes, toss ‘em.

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