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Will my beef stew turn out okay?

Asked by kevbo (25644points) March 5th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m making beef stew in a crock pot, but I have a nagging concern that it’s going to come out wrong. Can you check my work?

Browned 1 lb of stew meat with oil and minced garlic.

Added 3 lbs of cubed potatoes, maybe a pound of baby carrots, a large onion cut in 8 pieces, some evoo, about 3 cups of water with bullion and tomato paste, ¾ cup of red wine that has gone off.

Added stew meat on top. Sprinkled with thyme and pepper. (And added green chile per the gf’s request.)

Do I have enough liquid? Any other seasoning I should consider?

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No salt? That seems necessary. And what does “gone off” mean? I have been taught never to cook with a wine that you wouldn’t serve to people to drink. Other than those two questions, it sounds very nice. Green chiles are a good, unusual idea.

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(actually there’s liquid to the top, so I guess I’m okay there)

@dpworkin, I was warned against salt on account of the bullion, but I’ll take that under advisement for sure. Thanks!

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I think flour belongs in there.

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How long has it been? What’s the liquid level at now?

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Don’t add salt before you taste! You may be exactly right about the bouillon.

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I always put the meat at the bottom of the pot under the vegetables. Cook the meat until almost done then put in the carrots, a half hour later put in the potatoes. Cook for another 45 min or so.

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It’s been on 4 hours, and def needs some salt.

@JessicaisinLove, huh. My instructions were exactly the opposite w/r/t the order. Funny.

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Sounds like you are on the right track – just taste it and see if it is what you are going for. Add stuff accordingly. If it is too liquidy you can add flour or cornstarch to thicken it up. If there isn’t enough liquid you can add more water/bullion or broth.

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Usually the meat has to cook an hour longer than the vegetables in traditional stew. I don’t know what the crock pot will do to things.

Let us know how it comes out.

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@Ltryptophan I have never added flour to a casserole/stew, if you get the meat/vegetable to stock ratio right it should not be necessary :) I’m no crockpot/slow cooker expert though, perhaps it is different…

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My crockpot brand crockpot recipe book says add the flour. I like me some crimini mushrooms in my stew. and worcestershire sauce.

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I think that sounds yummy! and I’m a little under the weather so that would be so perfect right now I guess I just have to settle for graham crackers :( Enjoy!

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Sounds like a winner.

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Sounds great, I’m sure it was fine (though the wine probably would be better if it hadn’t gone off – vinegar in a stew isn’t so nice). My only trick with beef is to season with soy sauce instead of salt – it gives a richer flavour – but with the buillon you’re probably fine. Also with a crockpot carrots & potatoes take longer to cook than the meat so you should start those first.

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Take it from the Chef of Homemade Beef Stew… need more water to cover almost to the top of everything inside your crock pot. salt you need salt and pepper. oh well, its your crock pot special and i wish you the best. onions, you need at least two onions. let me know at my email how it turned out okay? celery, i add celery.

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Thanks all! I threw in two bay leaves, more thyme, some parsley and a chopped portobello (if I knew more about shrooms, I probably would have made a different choice). It’s not half bad.

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That sounds great, the only thing that might not be perfect is the black pepper. You generally don’t want to add pepper to the beginning of soups and stews because by the end of the cook time the bitter components will be over-extracted, and the pepper taste can be overwhelming. It might be fine, but if it tastes super-peppery, you’ll know why. Maybe next time add the black pepper at the end instead of beginning.

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Talk about too many cooks in the kitchen!

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@La_chica_gomela, you know, I think you’re right on that one. It dies have a kick and not the green chile kind. GA.

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@kevbo: Thanks!!!

I can’t take all the credit though. I learned that from reading this book. I highly recommend it, but fair warning, it contains an overwhelming amount of information about food and cooking it.

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