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Do you think airlines need to stop serving alcohol on flights?

Asked by itssofeaaa (56points) October 24th, 2021

Why or why not? Tell me your opinion.

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Well, it seems to be at the root of most of the troubles the airlines have. I’ll go with they should stop serving it.

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They’d have to stop serving it in airport restaurants too for it to make a big difference.

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i’ve waited in the gate area when officials from the airline escorted someone to the front of the line to board, asked what was that about to the person taking the tickets; answer was he missed the last flight because he was too tanked the stand up. Apparently he had several ‘one for the roads’ at the lounge at the airport.

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Yes, get rid of it.
I mean, surely one can do without it for a couple of hours, right.
If there is one place (apart from operation room, and nuclear launch facility) where we can’t have drunkards, it’s an aeroplane.

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@rebbel but what if it’s a long flight? For example, maybe 14 hours or whatever.

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Having been on a lot of flights, some very long (8 or more hours), and there has never been any incident, I’m not concerned.

However, if it reduces the cost of the flight, that’s fine, too.

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I can go much longer than 14 hours without alcohol. I could go forever without alcohol @itssofeaaa. Can’t you?

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Yes. Too many adults have no self-control.

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Alcohol isn’t the problem. People are. (just like firearms!)

Fill the planes with alcohol. Stop flying people.

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They should only serve it in 1’st class.

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Can you explain that logic @omtatsat?

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@Dutchess_III Well the 1’st class tend to be a bit more refined in their drinking habits

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Next thing you gonna say it that 1st class peeps are unvaccinated.

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And they’re smarter than everyone else.

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As long as the pilots get what they need.

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No. I don’t drink but I don’t care if others do.

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@omtatsat: Do you really believe your comments or are you intentionally trying to be incendiary?

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@jca2 someone is just a troll !

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If anything, 1st class would be drinking more, leading to worse behavior, because alcohol is usually free. We’d be better off with no alcohol on board.

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@jca2 It was meant jokingly. Don’t get so serious

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Just what we need, another reason to complain. We’ve just taken the mask mandate off the table, now we want to replace it with another reason to get angry. You’re already sitting like a lump for 2–10 hours, if you want a drink, have a drink.

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Well if drunken assholes keep causing issues on planes it will be inevitable.

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