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What will happen to me?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2573points) September 14th, 2008

Last night I was driving on a highway road and these two street bikes are flashing their high beams at me from behind and tailgating me. So After a few minutes they pass me and are in front of me then I flash my high beams at them. After the traffic clears it was just us on the road on a 3 lane highway. There is one of them on each side of me. They are revving their engines, honking , and flashing their lights. Each bike had a driver and girl passenger. So they are beckoning me to get off the next exit. I let them get off but I stay on the highway. So then at the next exit they get back on the highway and are following me again. So then I hear something hitting my car. At this point I’m starting to really get pissed off. I’m also scared these guys are gonna follow me home and try to do do something. So I swerve a little to try and get them away from my car. I ended up hitting one of the bikes on my left and snapping of a foot peg and I guess his girlfriends foot got cut somehow. The other guy on the other side just had scratches and his girl’s arm was sore. So after that they finally stop chasing me. I get off the next exit. Now, instead of taking the highway back home I decide to go a different way through city roads. I go to get some food at a mcdonalds in a different city. Soon as I leave these bikes pull in and it’s them! So I take off because I didn’t want any trouble. But then they’re on me again following me and yelling stuff at me. At this point I’m scared to death because I think these guys are going to try and kill me. So after a while I finally think I’ve lost them. That’s when the cops pull me over. They tell me some kids called the cops on me because I messed up their bikes. I also had 2 huge dents on my driver’s side and a scratch on the passenger side. I had to wait for a state trooper because it happened on a state highway. So he finally gets there and is a complete hard ass. He takes their side completely and says I’m going to be summoned to criminal court. He told me I’m lucky I didn’t get locked up and that I couldn’t killed them. I guess since they were on bikes and I was in a car it gave them a right to harass me in my vehicle but I couldn’t retaliate. I’m being charged with driving to endanger and fleeing the scene of an accident. I’m so scared I’ve never been in trouble before am going to go to jail?

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Talk to a lawyer ASAP. He/she will give you the best advice.

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Yes, you will go to jail, unless you get a good lawyer. You shouldn’t have honked at them/high brights after they got in front of you. I really feel bad for you, these guys are nutballs.

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While their behavior was clearly appalling and criminal, your response was irresponsible. You easily could have accidentally caused the death of one or more of them and wound up in prison for a very long time. Do you not have a cell phone? Why not drive directly to the nearest police station?

You need to hire a reputable lawyer.

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so am I the only one at fault? their actions mean nothing because I almost killed them, but didn’t? I was acting in self defense because I didn’t want them to follow me home.

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Honking/high beams wasn’t a violation. But you should not have engaged them like you did. Get a lawyer.

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You are screwed.. This is road rage. You need a lawyer. Maybe now the Guatamalian will give it to you…..

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You should have called the cops on the highway when they were harassing you.

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Read the first eight words I wrote again – I did not say that you were the only one at fault.

I did, however, say that you reacted inappropriately. If you were worried about them following you home, then you should not have driven home, you should have driven to the nearest police station.

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Lawyer up, pronto.

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That was one hell of a story, if you end up in a cort just say how they were bothering you and you got worryed and distracted and you swerved, and they could have made you have a mayor axident.

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Call a lawyer, for sure! You have rights! You need an advocate to make sure no one takes them away from you!

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You seem to want validation for what you did. You escalated the incident instead of letting it go. You used your vehicle as a weapon. You should not have engaged with them.

You had better get a lawyer (as has been said), but you also should spend some time instead of blaming them in thinking about what you should have done differently and your poor impulse control. You are lucky they did not have guns!

You are going to encounter assholes in life. The question is how do you deal with it.

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wow man your going to go to jail

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I would have driven to a police station but I didn’t know where the nearest one was because I was in different city.

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do you own a cell phone?(in the event you answer no)

couldnt you have just droven to ANY PUBLIC PLACE im sure these people would have stopped if you were just rolling down a populated street.

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QC, please keep us posted.

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Well the thing is I was driving my girlfriend home and I didn’t want them to see where she lived or follow me there and beat me down soon as I stopped. I really didn’t mean to hurt anyone but I was just so scared and wanted them to leave me alone. There’s a reason I didn’t follow them down that exit. But they caught up to me down the highway and continuously antagonized me. Should I have been expected to just take it? I know I was in a truck and there were on bikes but I still felt I was the one being picked on because there was 2 of them and only one of me. I’ve just been bullied all my life and what I did was just an angry reaction to bullies who wouldn’t leave me alone. But now they are the victims and I will deal with the consequences. I will talk to a lawyer today and see what is going to happen. Thanks for the responses everyone.

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It began to go off the rails when you flashed your high beams at them.

When someone is behind you and thinks you’re going too slow and wants to pass, he or she flashes his or her high beams. That’s reasonable behavior. Tailgating, less so, but one man’s tailgating is another man’s following close enough to pass as soon as traffic allows.

But then you flashed your headlights back at them, and that was your first mistake.

You spent a good long while antagonizing each other, and then you tried to hit one with your car. That’s not reasonable behavior. You’re both at fault, but you’re the one who tried vehicular assault.

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So why when they beckoned me to take the next exit with them and I let them go, they got back on to the highway and continued to follow me. The way I see it is I gave them the opportunity to let me be, but they got off the highway on one exit, and then they got back on and caught up to me. They had to go at lest 100 mph just to catch up to me, both having their girlfriends on their bikes. And they didn’t just flash their lights at me, they struck my car. Now I really don’t care about the car so much as they acted out aggressively and violently towards me first. I can handle people flashing high beams at me and beeping horns, that’s no big deal. But when people become violent I tend to retaliate as most of us would do because no one likes to be attacked.

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You’re missing the point. You are not responsible for their actions, only for your own. And your actions were irresponsible.

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So are they responsible for their actions? I’ll be punished for mine but what about them? Do I just pay for the damages to their bikes and pay for the damages to my car as well, maybe I’ll lose my license for a year and who knows I could spend some time locked up or doing community service. That’s all fine, but where is the justice for what they did to me? They provoked me and harassed me to the point where I felt my life was in danger. I’m not saying I did nothing wrong here but I am saying I didn’t do it for no reason and I certainly didn’t do it because someone flashed their high beams at me.

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What’s the worst thing they did? Driving closely to you, following you, flashing their lights.

What’s the worst thing you did? Attempting to hit one of them with your car.

Which one of these is worse?

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no, the worst thing they did was hit my car with something.

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“Should I have been expected to just take it?” Yes!The original flashing of high beams was not necessarily an attack. You should have pulled over and let them go by. You then started the escalation by flashing your high beams at them. The whole thing got out of control, but never would have happened if you had not engaged them by retaliating with the high beams.

“The way I see it is I gave them the opportunity to let me be, but they got off the highway on one exit, and then they got back on and caught up to me.” At this point it was too late—you had started escalating the behavior.

If you had done the prudent thing (exited yourself and then doubled back onto the road or taken another route), gone to a public place and stopped your car.

Stop being defensive. Forget about the other guys. Look instead at the consequences of your behavior and vow never to do it again. Promise youraelf that next time you won’t retaliate. You will do the prudent and safe thing. Especially for the safety of passengers.

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