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What are some off-the-beaten-path things to do in Italy in June?

Asked by dans85 (109points) November 13th, 2006
Family trip (all "adults"), love adventurous/spontaneous exploring/getting lost, we don't really speak Italian
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this is not off-the-beaten path but you guys should definitely go to cinque terra--beautiful five tiny fishing towns on teh italian riviera and you can hike between the five towns. it's gorgeous.
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and the hiking is not too hard--anyone could do it--and since it's between towns you don't have to backpack with your stuff.
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and you can take the train back.
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yes to cinque terra, there are a lot of festivals in italy that many do not attend. i used to live in perugia, the green heart of italy, and they have a jazz fest that is-a-maz-ing and for around ten pretty sure it is in july because that is when i was living there...and im afraid of google so you can sort that out. anywho, i would not go too far south if i was one that liked comfort. head to the mountains in the north and swing-by venice...never off-the-beaten path; however, there is a hostel in an old mission across the canal from st marks (right?) that is cheap and has a tower that you can see the entire stretch of venice from...glorious.
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It's become more touristy lately, but there's a town outside of Sienna named San Gimignano that's a wonderful day trip.
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go to l'isola d'elba-- elba is a tiny island off the coast of tuscany, you take a short ferry from portofino i think into portoferraio on elba and can rent a car for super cheap and just drive around the whole island, go see where napoleon lived and a bunch of tiny fishing villages. there are a ton of small towns around siena and florence -- anywhere you go in italy is amazing, you cant go wrong! buon viaggio!

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