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What was your 5th grade email address?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) September 14th, 2008

mine was something like

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I had a pen pal in 5th grade…..and never heard of email at that time….damn I’m old!

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I think mine was to be pretty honest, hahah.

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There was no email when I was in fifth grade. Yes, Mtl_Zack and other youth, there actually was life before email!

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mine was What class is 5 grade? Becouse I was in 3rd class when I got it.

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Now I’m feeling old…

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We used smoke signals. No, wait, Morse code. Or was it two cups and some string?

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My fifth grade email address?? There was no such thing.

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My first email adress was

I don’t think I had my own until I was in middle school.

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They didn’t even have the internet when I was in fifth grade, much less email.

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no internet back then, we wrote letters, imagine that….

wilhel1812's avatar it still forwards a lot of mail to my current mail lol

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LOL! We hadn’t even heard of the TRS-80 yet. The first Apple wasn’t available in Hawaii till I was a senior.

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LOL! I think some of us have just dated our ages. LOL

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@cooksalot-yes…the TRS-80! You’re in good company my friend :)

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5th grade? what’s that in the UK?

To be honest at that time email had probably barely got out of CERN. When I got to university in my first year you only got an email account if you could prove you needed one.

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Computers hadn’t even been invented then!!! We had to use paper and weird things like that! We wasted trees!!! We didn’t know any better!!!

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CERN didn’t invent email, Lightlyseared. They invented the World Wide Web

Skyrail's avatar was my earliest email address, which I now only use for MSN use, I now use GMail for emails. As for when I got my first email address, I don’t know, 4/5 years ago? Not a long time ago.

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It was 6281WestholmeWay@ Sacramento.CA back in ‘71.

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I still have and use it.

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Geez, we didn’t have one computer in our school, let alone email addresses!!

I know I’m now showing my age

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Wow, mine was something like LOL

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Email? Fifth grade?
Geez. You’re making feel old.
Cut that out.

We did have computers.
Though Number Munchers was about as high tech as it got.

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Oh, Zach, you are making an assumption about us. I learned Fortran when I was in my twenties and the ladies in the basement punched many cards. God help you if you dropped the bundle. (Where the actual main frame was, only the Shadow knew.)

We are still worthy and deserving of respect. My first email address was in 1998 and was Before that it was a quill pen, parchment and ink made from wasp boles. Forgot the sand for blotting.

aneedleinthehayy's avatar lolol
mine is now lealoveslife. quite a transition if i do say so myself.

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And I got it in college.

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You really know how to make an old man, feel older…

When I was in the 5th grade, we didn’t even have hand-held calculators.

Ours looked like this

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LOL! I remember when they introduced the first calculator!!! My dad said NO! You can’t have one.

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such a thing was unheard of when i was in 5th grade. we used to get kicks out of stringing a long wire between two plastic cups and having what we thought were long-distance conversations. .

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haha man.. mine was
l.e.w. = my initials
and apparently i loved me some mozart.

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I’m gonna cry…

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im sorry for bringing up evryone’s age. think about it this way, at least you’re wiser. this question was only meant for those who grew up in the 80s or 90s. sorry.

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I didn’t get my first email account until ‘95, while in college (we used the PINE system(e-mail_client) on MS-DOS; don’t recall public email at school in the ‘80s, but I may be wrong there…

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Let’s rephrase the question to “What was your first email address?”

Now everyone’s happy!

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LOL! @charlie I remember my brother and I doing that, and string trailing all over my grandparents house from us, and my cousins.

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@Eambos I think we’re starting to have fun remembering the fun things we did when we didn’t have email.

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@wilhel I know. Your missing the point.

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hmmm, I think my first email was cooksalot at timesmirror, or something like that. It was one of the first around. One of those that hooked up to the tv. My husband installed the units until Times Mirror (owners of the LA Times) decided to scratch the project. They said it was an idea ahead of it’s time, sooo true! That and they couldn’t afford to by VAX’s as fast as the system was growing. Then a few years later I believe CERN started up what is now the World Wide Web. See the Times Mirror thing was back around 1985 or 86, in Los Angeles, California.
DANG! There I go dating myself again!

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I did not get an email address until I started college in the Fall of 1994. Before that, only the nerdiest boys in my high school senior class used the internet for anything.

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