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Is Dr. J. Getting a Festive Hat This Year ? ? ? ? ? ?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (28609points) 1 month ago

It is that time of year to ask about the holiday outfit; that Dr. J. will wear.

Hope the costumer is available for a makeover.

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I got the feeling this was asked quite recently.
Apparently it’s been a year…..

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November 29th last year.

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It’s not even December yet. He has to air out the mothball smell a little bit first.

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The hat is fine – It’s sitting in his lap I’m not sure about.

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Not until at least the weekend please!

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Okay @filmfann, it sometimes takes a while for Fluther gods to get the hat on his head.

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It’s time now. Now it’s time.

<nok nok> Ben?

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It’s the 24th…maybe not…

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Ha! I shoulda mentioned it sooner!!! :-p

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