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Installing mambo: tables can't have a default value?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (299points) September 14th, 2008

im installing mambo and mysql keeps telling me that the tables the installation script creates can’t have a default value… so it doesnt create them and simply just stops the process… maybe theres a setting i didnt see…

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make sure that you have “full” access to the database you are installing mambo to…

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What’s the exact error? This might help us in getting you moving on the installation. I’ve installed Mambo a couple of times.

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well, thanks for the response dudes. I configured my account as the root user; so i have access. the first step of the installation told me i didnt have a session path, so i created one, but in the root of my server; when i try again i’ll move it into the mambo folder, seems to be the best. the installation continues normally, asks me lo login into mysql and give a name to the db, “mambo” according to a tutorial i’ve been reading; (normally when i install things try to stick to the manuals and later when they are running I try to modify things on my own)
so i enter my user and pass, define the db name and proceed as told in the screen. the next step says theres a error with the db and cannot continue, and the repost states that some tables cant have default values… so it doesnt create them and the problems grows because others tables depend on those which havent been created…
I’ve tried to change mysql to strict mode, but i really dont know how exactly; could that be the solution?

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It sounds like you might have a mysql configuration issue. Is this your first time installing and configuring mysql?

Mambo is pretty dumb (in the sense of understanding configuration errors). If the configuration of all of your other programs is correct (along with all your permissions), your installation should go off without a hitch.

There may be a problem with the tutorial you are following. What’s the link to it? What distro are you trying to make this work on?

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mmm… i havent configured mysql in years, i had it on my win98 machine and it worked ok, along with iis running php, asp and sql server 7… but then i switched to winxp and had to install apache. and later, changed to php5 and mysqlserver 5… maybe its something in the installation? or the configuration you say? does phpmyadmin is touchy enough to say if anything is wrong? i got navicat installed too, and nothing seems wrong too… i’ll search the tutorial im using too. thanks

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maybe i need some sort of administration tool, a status tool… is there anything i could run and get a diagnostic and optimal settings recommendations?

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I’ve only set up mysql through the command line. I would suggest that. There are probably steps in the setup that the gui tools think are ‘understood’ or that they are glossing over. I had a big problem with that the first time I tried to set up mysql.

I’m one of those nuts that thinks the command line is the best thing for configuring everything.

Oh shoot, I just realized you are using windows because I reread your last response.

I just assumed that you were setting this up on a linux box. I confessedly don’t have much experience setting up mysql on windows. Let me think about that and get back to you. You might try looking for a more generic setup guide for mysql. If you follow a different guide, I would uninstall and reinstall mysql.

Phpmyadmin is decent but what you’re asking is configuration questions. phpmyadmin isn’t going to tell you if you have a wonky (or extremely unusual) configuration.

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oh crap. but wait, yesterday i’ve just installed joomla and had no trouble… or maybe it isnt so touchy… or just maybe its just dumber than mambo.
i think not all cms are equal and so they hadle the db in a different way… i’ll keep on trying thanks!

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hey guys, i’ve found the answer. after change the mysql setting for strict_mode, everything was sing and dance. The thing is, mambo has issues with mysql5, so look here :D

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Good for you. I didn’t know that I think the last one I set up was one mysql4. Props on answering your own question. It’s important to Post that stuff.

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