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If you could only listen to one band or musician for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Asked by jdegrazia (274points) September 14th, 2008

Why? Because they’re your favorite? Because they’re so versatile? Because you’ve never been sick of them?

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without a doubt, the voice and guitar of Dave Matthews

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Ryan Edgar, beautiful voice, awesome lyrics, i could never get sick of him!

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Newton Faulkner. he’s good at guitar, has a nice voice, sings about meaningful things and its a good style.

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Dave Matthews Band for sure. I’ve seen them 17 times, and I’m not bored yet.

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Hes one of my favorites, hes extremely versatile, and his music collection is so vast, that im not sure ill ever even hear all of his music.

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That’s tough. I don’t think I could limit myself. I’d rather have nothing than not be able to choose, I love music too much.

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This is a cruel question, but…Tones on Tail.
Because they’re my favourite and because I’ve never been sick of them.
Because they’re so versatile? Not so much. But the one sound they do, they do well.
And because if I were to give up all music, theirs would be the sound I miss most.

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Randy Newman, for one.

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I’m with Judi: Beatles. Not my favorite, but very versatile and easy to listen to.

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Tones On Tail? Not Love & Rockets or Bauhaus?

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Tiny: Love & Rockets is great.
I would definitely miss Bauhaus.
(And, objectively, they’re probably better.)

But, yes, definitely Tones on Tail.

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The Alan Parsons Project is my favorite act but if all I can listen to is one band only then is has to be the Beatles, hands down. Who else?

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Dream Theater, their music is so varied.

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Excellent answers so far. I haven’t heard of a few of these folks, and I’m excited to check them out.

The first two bands that jump to mind for me are The Grateful Dead and Ween.

I tend to be a bit of a statistical outlier in situations like these, however.

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“Don’t answer me, don’t break the silence, don’t let me in…”

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Bob Marley, if it had to be for the rest of my life I would want to be happy.

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Pearl Jam \m/

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Muse. They’re so epically good.

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I would have to say Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam. I just love his voice so much. I have never got sick of the songs I do know, and there are plenty of his songs I haven’t heard yet, so it would be fun to discover a new one every now and again, that would make it ok to listen to just him, I reckon.

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Many great answers here, but I have to go with Pearl Jam. They do some hard stuff and some beautiful soft stuff. They give great live performances which include a few great covers as well as many of their wonderful original songs. They have a fullness of sound that I just love.

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I’m gonna cheat and also plug Beethoven

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It’s really tough between Tom Petty and the Beatles…

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Pink Floyd!
or 311
easiest question ever.. :)

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red hot chili peppers.

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Bach. I never tire of his music. If someone insisted it be Handel, I wouldn’t run screaming either.

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If we’re talking classical and opera then I would have to pick Mozart or Puccini. Although the single greatest piece of music ever written is Handel’s Messiah.

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In the “hip hop and rap” category it would be Dr. Dre with Snoop. In the “disco” category it would be KC and the Sunshine Band. For rock i would second with Metallica.

My musical tastes are all over the board.

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@ jca – I have to take your word in hip hop, for disco I agree on KC

For heavy rock I would go with metalica

for classic rock led zeplin

for general rock U2

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Great question!
I would have to say Dave Matthews Band and, if I could sneak a second it would be the Beatles. If I had to choose a soundtrack it would be Garden State.

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Metallica, definately. the energy level just gets me going when I need it.

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