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What is your hot button?

Asked by filmfann (52295points) December 4th, 2021

What immediately gets you angry, without the usual build up of tension?

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For example, for me:
Anyone who parks in or blocks my driveway.

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animal abuse

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A kid in class who whines “I didn’t do nothin’!” when they most certainly, and obviously did.

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Persistent obstinacy

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I’m with Annie.
I like to think I’m not to be triggered, but animal abuse does that.

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Manipulative people.

When it comes to driving, there are a few things.

People who stay in the left lane doing the speed limit or less. No matter how fast you’re going, on a multiple lane road like a highway, don’t be stubborn. If someone is behind you and appears to want to pass, just move over. On the highway that I used to take to work, a commuter highway, there were always conversations on the Facebook group about people going slow in the left lane. It really causes backups because nobody can pass (since the middle lane and the right-hand lane are always full of cars, too), and it angers a lot of people. Some say “just leave earlier.” That’s not the point. Just move over and get out of the way.

In a store parking lot, people who stop their cars (also known as “standing”) right near the front entrance, so that others have to go around them and it causes a blockage in the lane.

I will think of more, I’m sure.

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“Anyone who parks in or blocks my driveway.”

I feel the same way, to the point that I get angrier at people who do that, than I did at the ahole who stole my life savings.

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Litter, from a thrown away crisp packet to the lorry loads of trash taken to landfill it feels wrong to treat the world as a trash bin and it bothers me.

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Doctors who are incompetent or condescending.

Also, passive aggressive people. Although, more recently I have been able to ignore their inability to be honest.

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@filmfann Animal abuse.

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Idiot drivers. You are trying to change lanes safely with your indicator light on, and then some ass wad speeds up like his junk will fall off if he can’t stay in front of you. Then he immediately slows down after he passes you up, like Farmer Brown on a Sunday drive.

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At a bus stop, seeing trash like empty beer bottles on the ground a few inches away from an available trash can.

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Self righteous fright winger trolls !

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Animal abuse. It’s scary how fast I get in a rage if I even think something is being done, like if I hear a tire squeal and think it’s a pupper. Or if someone jerks on a leash. I hope it never happens, but I can easily picture myself in jail for attacking someone. I suspect a number of us can.

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People treating elderly people badly. Makes me crazy.
And of course, animal abuse.

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Static on the tv or radio. Also murdering a harmless Honey Bee minding its own business. People serving expired food and contaminated food. My boss dropped a soft pretzel on the floor and wrapped it up and sold it.

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Covid is my biggest hot button these days. It’s been a long almost 2 years now and I’m so over it. Unfortunately, it isn’t over and we are still drowning in my area.

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Also receiving unsolicited advice.

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These, quite a few things sadly.

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People who are emotionally abusive.

Litterers as well.

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When someone tries to tell me BS.
If it smells like BS, looks like BS, sounds like BS and tastes like BS then don’t try to feed it to me.

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Hi, @Seaofclouds, so glad to see you!

Abuse of power exercised against the less powerful, whether physically, coercively, or legislatively.

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When conservative pundits on Fox News say that poor people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps to succeed, and in the same breath claim that corporate socialism and bailing out billionaires should be the norm.

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