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Hello, I experience a pin-point stabbing, hot pain in the upper side of my lower right leg. .

Asked by 1Aussie_Paul (4points) 1 month ago

It only occurs when I have weight on it as it’s bent e.g. standing next to a chair and place my knee on the seat and put weight on it. The pain is like an 8/10 and immediately stops when I straighten it. It doesn’t occur any other time. There is no swelling or any other outward signs that there is a problem. Until I bend it and put weight on it I forget that I even have an issue. Today when making the bed I brought my leg up onto the bed and reached over for a pillow and the pain brought me back to reality and to searching on the web for a possible reason as to why it is happening.

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You need to see a doctor. Nobody can diagnose it over the internet. It could be a muscle problem, it could be broken, who knows.

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Maybe a nerve problem? You really should see a doctor. Pain that intense shouldn’t be ignored.

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Hi 1Aussie_Paul ,

I am sorry to have to say this but a general Question and Answer site is not the place to ask medical questions of this nature.

It is extremely unlikely that any subscriber here can answer your question because they are not qualified to do so and on top of this there may be several reasons why you have this problem and only a qualified medical practitioner can diagnose and treat the problem once you have been examined.

It is likely that the problem can be easily treated once diagnosed.

My advice MUST be to visit your doctor and let him/her examine you, diagnose the problem and treat it.

I wish you good luck.

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