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Which of the (United) States are you from?

Asked by longgone (18463points) 1 month ago

Can you share something your state does well, and something that’s not going great? I’m curious about states specifically, rather than the whole country.

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Kansas. We grow shit. Wheat, cotton, maize, corn, you name it.

Not so good at getting diggy with it politically or socially, although last governor election we elected a dem. That was good. But she’s still trying to clean up the mess Brownback left.

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Also, cows.

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Also, storms.

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I grew up in both Maryland just 30 minutes outside of Washington DC; and also in New York, 30 minutes outside of New York City.

Maryland is known for its blue crabs, also known as Chesapeake Blue Crabs. I’m not a big fan of crabs, but it’s a big deal there, especially near the Chesapeake.

New York State I think of its beauty, although most people just associate it with New York City. The state is very large, with many mountain ranges, and amazing lakes and waterways. Also, castles and mansions of the old wealth that used to live there. As far as crops I think of apples, but many foods are grown and farmed in the state. I highly recommend Aerial America’s episode on NYS. Oh, and trains.

I live in Florida now. I think of our blue skies, sunshine, and palm trees. Our nickname is “The Sunshine State.” My husband and I call it La tierra de Mickey (the land of Mickey) now that we live close to Disney, but really the whole state is vacation and fun in my mind, even after living here over 20 years. We grow a lot of citrus. St. Augustine, FL, is the first city in America although there are arguments about which city is the first city, depending on how you define it. Also, NASA and space launches and beaches.

I’ve also lived in:

Michigan – I think mostly of the Great Lakes. They are like being at the ocean they are so large, and I have more friends in Michigan with boats than I do in Florida.

Tennessee – Elvis Presley, music, and guns.

North Carolina – East Carolina barbecue (delicious) and old South.

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I wasn’t born and raised here, but I live in Hawaii. We were a sovereign nation until Americans overthrew the monarchy, and then America annexed us. We grow pineapples and macadamia nuts among other things. We have gorgeous beaches. We surf. It’s a very expensive place to live. The weather is perfect. Please come visit.

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Missouri. We raise great cattle but our roads are not good.

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Do you have property taxes @KNOWITALL?

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I have lived in California and Nevada, but have spent most of my life in California so that is what I will answer with.

California is good at:
-protecting beautiful places (and there are a lot of them here): having many parks, trails, and open spaces to visit
-being diverse and accommodating of different cultures (not perfect, but better than many other states)
-produce in general
-Mexican, Asian food
-green energy, leading the rest of the nation on climate policy
-availability of health foods
-pioneering progressive policy (it doesn’t always work, but we often try it before other states)
-having some of the best public school systems in the country

What does California do badly? Oof where to begin? We are awful at:
-forest management and wildfire prevention
-maintenance of electrical infrastructure
-doing anything about homelessness
-preventing property crime
-setting and meeting housing goals
-keeping the cost of living down
-public transportation
-keeping gas prices reasonable
-not being the most unaffordable, unequal state in the nation

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Been in Massachusetts my whole life. Specifically Boston area. As such, I have a very Boston-centric perspective.

I grew up surrounded by Tufts University, Harvard University, and MIT. I rode my bike through all of them regularly. Even though my folks didn’t graduate college, I was always aware of the trappings of university life and how education permeated the surrounding areas. So many businesses and homes dependent on the existence of these institutions. And they’re just the tip of the iceberg in this area. Oodles of great places of education.

I would say that we are a diverse, mostly progressive State, but groups of similar people often stay to themselves. We also often have a (moderate) Republican Governor, for balance (I suppose).

I always thought the food was fabulous with amazing offerings in all areas except probably Mexican food.

Geographically, we’re a short trip to beaches, mountains, and rural areas. Boston is a big city, but very walkable and less congested than say, New York.

I love our collection of Museums and have been going to many of them since I was a kid.

The other side of life here is more street based. A lot of wise guys and thugs where I grew up. My grandfather was a bookie whose flower shop was a gambling front. He got wrapped up in the mob and things didn’t go well. Lots of alcohol and drugs floating about and in the 70s and 80s, the combat zone was a real and scary neighborhood. Not to mention Roxbury, Mission Hill, and more.

Also, as progressive as the State can be, it relied heavily on segregation and lots of institutional racism. The Italians stay in the North End, the Irish in Southie, the Asians in Chinatown, and the Blacks in Roxbury. Know your place and we’ll all get along. I think it’s better now, more integrated. Our new mayor is an Asian woman, so that’s great.

I think it’s a fabulous State with lots of great opportunities and resources but you pay for them, as it’s stupid expensive to live here.

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Texas. Great chili, great bar b que, Dallas Cowboys, U T Longhorns, Lone Star beer. Politics – not going there. And fair climate. Early Dec. and we will hit 80 F by Thurs, 85 F on Friday. Yeah! In my area anyway. Big place, Texas.

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@Demosthenes time to break out those forest rakes!
What more could the do to control wildfires?

Very interesting @cookieman.

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Idaho. We have many Mormons and more than our fair share of Republicans.

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^^^ And taters?

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Illinois. There are wonderful arts and culture in Chicago. Southern Illinois is a void.

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What is the geography like?

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New Jersey: best tomatoes & pizza on the planet. Then…
Texas: football fanatics, love of the state then…
Colorado: fabulous summers, wicked winters, very casual then..
Back to Texas. Then…
Arkansas: my favorite climate: hot summers, fabulous winters with an inch of snow for two days. And oh, the fall color! then…
Texas: for good, I’m sure. Wonderful people who adore this state.

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@Dutchess_III We do. It’s less about taxes/revenue than about our soil and water tables. Our roads just suck and they’re always working on them, or around 24% of them are not good.
We are the 8th worst in the nation, I just read. (Kansas is 27th.)

Funny story, when Bush came to visit he supposedly told the Mayor to get the roads fixed.

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What is Oklahoma @KNOWITALL? Cuz you talk about BAD roads!

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@Dutchess_III We have many other things to eat besides taters. We even ship them taters out of state to others. And if anyone knows anything about Idaho, they probably already know about the taters, so I didn’t think I needed to mention our taters.

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They have tolls in OK but they don’t have property tax.

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@Dutches_III: How so?

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I was born in California, but grew up in Colorado. I returned to California as soon as possible, and have been here for 56 years.
California is 770 miles long and contains every geological feature, climatological attribute, cultural trait and political element you can name.
I have lived in the Central, Southern, and Northern parts at various times. I love it, but I do wish I could return to living near the ocean.

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They just don’t @cookieman.

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I keep seeing descriptions of Arkansas, and what I think of is it’s the birthplace of Pres. Bill Clinton. I don’t think anyone has said that yet.

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@JLeslie Arkansas is gorgeous, a nature-lovers paradise. Lots of honeymooners enjoy the natural springs, races, diamond and crystal mining, etc.. It’s kind of like Flagstaff vibe-wise.

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@KNOWITALL We love AR. Little Rock is a cute town and we really enjoyed Hot Springs. The Ozarks are beautiful. If you have never been to the Clinton museum/library I recommend it.

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I live in Southern California, and on the Pacific tectonic plate.
The adjacent plate, on the other side of the San Andreas fault, is the North American plate.
Our plate is moving north relative to the North American one, at a rate of about 1 inch per year.

I think in about 15 million years, we’ll be at the same latitude as and west of San Francisco.
I’m really looking forward to December 7, 15,002,021; I can’t wait for that date! ;-D

Mt. Whitney, which at 14,495 feet, is the tallest mountain in the contiguous 48 states.
It’s about 200 miles north of where I live.

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@JLeslie My grandmother, whose father was a Kelley, was born in Arkansas. I thought I was related to former President Clinton, but I found out his mother’s 4th husband was a Kelley, so, no connection.
Grandma married a Choctaw Indian in Oklahoma. I don’t know how she got there, but his grandmother survived the Trail of Tears. I am a current member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

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Born in NYC. Raised not far from NYC for my first 30 years and I have a strong Bronx accent. I’ve lived in NY state for 54 of my 55 years.

What does NY do well? I’d say what it’s famous for is the city, which is world famous, well known for being one of the biggest financial capitals in the world, one of the biggest and best fashion and shopping meccas of the world, very diverse population, lots going on, lots of culture like incredible museums, ballet, music of all kinds from rock to opera, every type of restaurant, you name it.

NY did really well handling the Covid epidemic and I think it was in large part to the strict rules put in place by our then-Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

As far as what NY did not do well was the scandal and downfall of Cuomo in recent months with his sexual escapades while in office.

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I’m a Californian through and through. I was born here, raised here, lived here and hopefully will die here. I love California—except for the state income taxes and gas prices which suck eggs.

But California literally has something for everybody, and AFAIK it’s the only state where you can go surfing and skiing on the same day. (It would be a very long and cold day but you can do it)

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@YARNLADY I have several Choctaw friends in OK, that’s neat.

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@Caravanfan We are able to surf and snow ski on the Big Island of Hawaii in the winter. It’s not great skiing, but it’s possible.

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Missouri ain’t bad, either, when it comes to geography @KNOWITALL.

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@Hawaii_Jake Do you guys actually have a ski lift somewhere?

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@Caravanfan No, it’s not commercial. It snows on our tallest volcanoes. I’ve seen pictures of guys going up there with ski boards and having fun, and then driving down the mountain to surf. Your skiing is organized.

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@Dutchess_III Aw thanks, I love it here. New Mexico was very beautiful, too, the stark barren desert landscapes were amazing for a Missouri girl to see. One of these days I’ll make it further west I hope.

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Born and raised in Minnesota. People are NICE.
Lived in Boston area. MassHole drivers suck
Live in New Hampshire – Live Free or DIE! No Income Tax, No Sales Tax
Live in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. Amazing nature experience, cultural, educated, everyone knows your shit.

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@Forever_Free: I Love love love the Berkshires. It’s about a two hour ride from here. Everything you said about it is accurate.

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Lol. “Minnesota Nice.” I use that expression.

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@jca2 Love it so much that I was commuting from the Berk’s to my office in Boston 3 days a week pre-Covid. Now 70% Berk’s 30% Rye NH

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@Forever_Free: Speaking as a MassHole driver… Get the Fuck Out of the Left Lane!

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@cookieman and as a MassHole myself, You ARE number one.

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