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Another jelly has reached 20k! Who wants to help welcome Aster to the 20k floor?

Asked by chyna (47179points) 1 month ago

Aster has reached 20K! What an accomplishment!

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Congratulations !

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Way to go Aster!

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Great job, come more often! :)

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Congratulations Aster! Well done. A great accomplishment any time but especially fun during the holiday season!

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Hi Aster, great feat!!

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20Kongratulations Aster, you are a star.

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@Aster, you truly are stellar, a star among us, a heavenly body.

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Congrats, and well done!

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Is she still around? Either way, congrats!

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Yeah. She just asked a question about UFOs.

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WTG Aster! Congo Rats all day long!

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Congrats @Aster!

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Nice!! Rrreeeeaaaalllllllll nnniiiiiccceeeeee.

Good to see @Aster is active again too.

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Good for you, lady!! Congratulations! :o)

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@Dutchess_III Yeah. She just asked a question about UFOs

Shouldn’t a celestial being know all about UFOs?

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Congrats @Aster!

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Yay! Speech!

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Nice. It’s good to hear she’s still with us.

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Congratulations, Aster!

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Ridiculously late but still CONGRATULATIONS!!

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holy guacamole Aster!!!

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Way to go @Aster!

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She hasn’t been here in over a month. She’s missing out on her party!

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I hope all is well with her.

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This was actually posted a month ago.

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@smudges: I know, but I just looked at her profile page and I see she hasn’t been here since early December.

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