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What are some fund raising ideas for a club made to help animals?

Asked by amandaafoote (865points) September 15th, 2008

I recently thought up an idea to start a club at my school to have people volunteer to help out the animals & people in wildlife foundations that need donations to help take care of all of the animals they take in. I have thought of dress down days for money to go to them(my catholic school charges for dress down days and they go to fund raisers) & having bake sales and such, any good ideas for making money for this?

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How about a garage sale type thing. People can donate things they want to get rid of, then you can use the money you raise for whatever.

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Make and sell pet toys, or bake dog “cookie” treats.

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There are already 10000000000 of them, you will have a tough time getting very much….. especially with those ideas :)

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Aw, that is cynical Melonking. = )

Depending on the size of your club, you could get local businesses to donate items or services and host a silent auction.

If you know anyone who owns a restaurant/bar you could ask them to donate a night. Charge a cover of $5 (even could get a band to play) and donate to charity.

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Lots of good ideas here!

Good luck! And enjoy the good karma.

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@ jsc, actually, my friends mom does own a restaurant and i could ask her about it, great ideas so far everyone! (o:

&& After thinking about it some more i decided that if i do hold a dress down day(usually gets a couple thousand from the size of my school) to donate all the proceeds to the ASPCA, due to the amount of animals they have

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There are also the tried and true car wash and dog wash events.

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Know an artist willing to donate a bit of time? You could have them do a few paintings or something of that nature and frame them. Pay for the materials and auction them off. If you know a cartoonist you can try to get someone to draw some characters and turn those into purses to sell off as well.

You could try to pull a heist on the lunch ladies. I’m just sayin’.

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you could try a “date auction” or some kind of “candygram” type thing (especially over the holidays) or a “pancake dinner” or a raffle. YOu can also always try a bake sale or try leaving a jar for donations at the checkout counter at different restaurants/stores/etc. Another idea would be to divide up the school somehow into “teams” and have the teams compete with each other to see which could raise the most money (by class/by grade/by gender/whatever). Then, you put the onus of coming up with the fundraiser(s) on the “teams.” I’m always surprised by how inventive folks can be when they’re fueled by competition.

There are a couple local charities I know of that have videos on a site called MindBites ( It’s a pay-for-content site where people can upload and sell instructional video content. (e.g. there’s a food bank here that has a video on how to pick out fruits/veggies in the produce dept of the grocery). The 5–20 minute videos on the site are <$2 to buy, and they don’t have to be professional quality videos – just instructional. I bet the charity you’re trying to help out knows a bunch of things they could teach in video format (how to train your dog, how to cut a dogs toenails, how to brush a dogs teeth, how to introduce a baby to a dog, what to do with a lost or orphaned bird or squirrel, what plants are poisonous for pets, etc). Alternatively, some of the volunteers surely know things they could teach – even if they’re not at all relevant to the cause they’re seeking to benefit (there are videos on the site covering everything from treadmill repair to defragmenting your hard drive to knitting left-handed). Proceeds from the sale of any video in the marketplace on the site can be designated to go to a charity of the author’s choosing. You could even try to make this into a competition to see which “team” could raise the most with their video.

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Why not skip the middlemen and get kids to volunteer at the local Humane Societies or Animal Shelters? We have one here; every Sat. from 10:00 AM to 11:00 kids will clip nails on cats or dogs for a $10 or $20 donation, depending on the number of legs serviced.

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Trunk of Junk Sale – get permission to use the school parking lot on a Sat or Sun. Then charge folks $5—$10 to park their car (filled with stuff they want to sell) and sell it. It is similar to a flea market, but less work for sellers and easy money for you.

Dog Walk – Just like any other walk athon, but people walk their dogs and collect $ from sponsors (if you are interested in this, there is more detail I can give, just let me know)

Used book sale – people donate books to your sale, then all money made is profit (however, this is usually already done by libraries and the American Cancer Society, so you may not want to compete with them)

As for school things, like your dress down day:
Hat day, kids get to wear a hat
Shorts day, kids get to wear shorts
Sunglasses day, (you know what they get to wear, right?)
Gum day, (no they don’t wear the gum, they get to chew gum in school that day)

I would also suggest that you go to your local library and get some books out on fundraising ideas, I know there is also a lot of info on the web, but sometimes there is so much info that it is hard to wade through it all. Good Luck!!!

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Get some vets or vet techs to volunteer and hold a local pet microchipping event in which all or part of the proceeds go toward your charity.

Get groomers to volunteer and hold a toenail trim and dog wash.

Start an EBay store. Have people collect tiems to sell on EBay from donations or merchants.

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