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What is the minimum age for becoming a nurse in 19th century?

Asked by yaujj48 (291points) 1 week ago

I am curious at what age that someone can be a certified nurse because I am writing a story where someone become a nurse in a period same as 19th century.

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Your question presumes that 21st cenury standards were applied in the 19th century.

There was no certification of nurses until late in the 19th century. Florence Nightingale, “the mother of Nursing” didn;t do her work in the Crimea until 1954. The first schools opened in 1873. Before that there was an ocasional handbook. But there was no standerd “minimum age”.

If you are writing a story, nursing in 1890 was vastlly different from nursing in 1810. But both were in the 19th century.

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^^^^ Florence Nightingale’s work was in 1854, not 1954.

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Try your search engine for nursing requirements in 1800s and the country.

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FYI, the term “minimum wage” originated in 1860.

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In what country?

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About 187.

So she’s not going to be changing those bandages very fast.

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For most of the 19th century nursing was left to ‘those who were too old, too weak, too drunken, too dirty, too stupid or too bad to do anything else’.

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@JLoon When you said 187, do you mean 17/18?

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