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How much paint do you have to drink, to believe that drinking your own urine is a viable cure for Covid?

Asked by ragingloli (49936points) January 13th, 2022

Apparently, that is the new fad “medicine” of antivaxxers.

Drinking your own piss to own the libs.

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I heard that some anti-vaxxers in the Northern states started eating yellow snow, to combat stupidity.

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200 years into the enlightenment and with access to the world’s knowledge at our fingertips people still believe this nonsense? A gallon and a half of polka dot paint wouldn’t be enough.

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How much better does it make you feel to learn about this? Does it offset any of the helplessness you feel?

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The positive effect on my sense of superiority is immeasurable, as this highlights the depth and breadth of the chasm of intellectual capacity separating me and everyone I consider my lessers.

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^ That’s what I thought. Whatever helps. This pointing to people with little power in order to boost self-esteem is understandable, but probably not as useful in the long run as punching up is.

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@product You’ll have to excuse @ragingloli. They are from a civilization many light years from Sol and are just learning our customs.

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One again . . . “ya can’t fix stoopid ! ! ”

Darwin awards all a around.

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I support your superiority – But not enough to drink my own pee.

Besides, only Sheepublicans believe that bs. Anyone with reliable sources knows toad licking is the real cure.

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The anti-vaxxers I know aint that freaking stupid, these idiots are finding new lows in brain power every day.

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Lots of naysayers in the replies, yet one has cited any double-blind peer-reviewed research that proves urine is not a cure for Covid.

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Leave them alone. It’s a self-correcting problem. And if they are skeptical of hospitals too…

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You don’t drink paint, you drink colloidal silver. Then drink your pee. You’‘ll be in sterling shape in no time. And the naysayers will try to tarnish your reputation.

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Anti-vaxxers drinking pee will pair well with their current diet of bullshit.

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They would do much better if they used cannabis.

this happens to be true

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So being socially isolated, germaphobic, and a cannabis consumer are helping me to stay Covid-free. That is so outasight, man! ;)

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@elbanditoroso No, it’s a bullshit study in a bullshit journal. I actually read the source material today.

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@Caravanfan do you think someone is trying to sell more THC ?

Maybe a marijuana growers association ?

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@Tropical_Willie No, it’s just a badly written paper published in an alternative medicine journal out of Japan.

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^^Good memories. That and “The Firesign Theatre” and We’re All Bozos on This Bus.

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