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What all is involved with a survey of one's property?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45313points) January 27th, 2022

We hunted and hunted for property stakes, to no avail. The city couldn’t find them either.
We finally broke down and hired a survey company to come in. They’ve been here since 8 this morning. It’s after 11 now.
They went all over the neighborhood with their metal detectors. Apparently no one has property stakes. They told me they have nothing to go on.
They’re in their truck cussin’ and discussin’ now.
I see them making wide, sweeping hand gestures.
What are they doing?

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They’re looking for the original survey markers and it sounds like they have been removed.

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Oh-oh this could get expensive !

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I got their estimates before I hired them, @TW.

It looks like the markers in the whole neighborhood have been removed @Blackwater_Park.

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He said it was platted out in the early 1900s. He guesses the house was built 30s or 40s. NOT 1950s!

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Wasn’t the age of the house on the paperwork when you bought it?

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Oh it read 1950.
The house I bought in Winfield said 1950 too, but I knew that wasn’t right. Turns out it was built in 1912.
1950 seems to be a catch all for older homes, probably for loan purposes.

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I got a government loan for my house in Winfield. One of the stipulations was it had to have been built after 1950.
I was doing a walk through with a government agent who was there to make sure the house met the requirements.
We went down into the dirt floored cellar. Limestone rocks for walls. There were other things that were obvious to me. The house was screaming “I’M CHARMING AND I’M OLD!!!”
But she just looked around, nodded and signed off on it. SMH.

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Old fence lines are usually the saving grace for situations like this.

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His fence intersects our yards, but then the garage juts out behind it onto our property.

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I’m betting it involves $2000.

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$600 to $800.

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Oh. So this is a 100 ft x 200 ft lot or so. They charge a flat rate for the job and then add on based upon the perimeter distance.

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