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Who can help me find this song?

Asked by PandorasBlocks (112points) September 15th, 2008

I heard a fantastic song the other night during a bicycle parade [hooray for the Eugene Celebration!] about a pedal-powered blender making smoothies… anybody know the song I’m thinking of? It’s a rocking song, making a perfect stage for dancing on a bicycle…

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Do you remember the tune to the point where you could hum it?

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that link brings me right back to the question I posted… what’d I miss?

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That’s an awesome site! I just wish I remembered the tune… I was too busy trying not to run into other bikers while rockin out on my own wheels… kudos on the awesome link tho! +bookmarks+

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Haha happy to help :)

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I was there. But I was working and not really paying attention to any of the music.

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Now I feel left out :( What/Where was this event?

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This very special even was held in Eugene, Oregon this past weekend; the bike lights parade spoken of took place about 8:30 Saturday evening. I was riding just behind the stereo!!

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Oh Wow. Haha that would have been quite a haul from Pennsylvania :P

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