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Where's the best seat for pro bball game?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) September 16th, 2008

i’m getting tix to see the cavs play the wizards at the schott. is it better to get seats near one of the hoops, behind the basket, or somewhere mid-court? are courtside seats really better to see the game or are they just for being seen?

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Right in front of your big screen TV.

No joke!

You get the benefit of close-ups, instant replays, and the use of a restroom that you do not have to share, with strangers!

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middle of the court,
depending on the arena, 5 to 10 rows back so that your line of sight is over the big guys sitting on the bench.


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@jack: but sports are so much better live

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Yes indeed! That’s why I always watch a sporting event telecast LIVE on my home TV.

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I go to stadiums or arenas just to enjoy the atmosphere, and no matter what seat you are in, you just can’t keep up with the game. For the game itself only, live HD TV on a big screen is indeed the best way to enjoy.

But, if I can pick a seat, I agree with SRM.

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“Sports are so much better live”.

The hell you say. We spent $120 on a football game that was freezing cold to sit at. The Cowboys lost that game. We parked about a football field away from the gate, then we were on the wrong side of the stadium (way to go, helpful parking nerds). The smell of sweat and bratwurst farts flowed over the crowd. We left after the first quarter.

Since then, HDTV + $20 worth of pizza = Sports Supremacy.

I will admit though, WWE’s a lot more fun live. It’s very cool to sit there and check out the fireworks and feel the rumble of the stadium. Plus, it costs me about $30—$40 for the seat I like… parking at the Cowboy’s Stadium is $20 for anything paved with police towers nearby.

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Based simply on where I see the celebrities and bigwigs sitting, I’d have to go with middle of the court. Either front row or a few rows back.

From experience, I can only tell you what the best seat isn’t. Ha.

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@lovelocke: sorry for your misfortune. but having been to many a chilly and disappointing crew(soccer) and blue jacket(hockey) game and several wet memorial tournaments(golf), i still stand by my live is better statement.

i completely agree with boxing. however, hockey is more enjoyable closer to the ice than in the ridiculous level with mini screens and waiters. and as nice as the “new” stadium is, crew games were more fun in the shoe where you knew the keeper could hear your insulting songs ;D

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