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What song always puts you in a good mood when you hear it?

Asked by loser (15017points) September 16th, 2008 from iPhone

Do you have a special song?

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The soundtrack to the Welcome ceremony at the Magic Kingdom. :-)

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Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful World.

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for starters: boogie shoes, mambo #5, pretty fly for a white guy, chick habit, many things by bare naked ladies or butthole surfers

i have very…umm, eclectic…taste in music

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I Ran by Flock of Seagulls.

Also, Number of the Beast but only because it’s a. on Rock Band, b. my boyfriend loves Iron Maiden, so c. sometimes someone will start singing it and we’ll have a walking sing-a-long and dance around and stuff and it’s super goofy but hearing it either starts one of those up or makes me think of them.

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I can see clearly now – Johnny Nash

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Dancing Queen by ABBA….......actually, just about anything by ABBA!

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@trudacia – Not sure why, but that song always makes me depressed. I get a mental picture of like 80-year-olds sitting in a rocking chair wishing they had more time here on Earth. Lamenting the things they didn’t do, the people they miss, etc… Isn’t that horrible? I’m not sure why I associate it like that.

But I’m glad that you enjoy it!! ...Hope I didn’t just ruin it for you. ;)

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@jjd, thanks for ruining the song for me forever! Now I will only think of old people about to collapse and die!


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“Centerfield” by John Fogerty. (I hope that’s the right artist!) I’m not a particularly big baseball fan, but that song just makes me happy!

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Sunshine Daydream by Grateful Dead
Any Colour You Like by Pink Floyd
Purpose by 311
but basically any song by those last two bands

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don’t stop believing by journey!! And burning love by elvis Presley!!!

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Soak Up the Sun by Cheryl Crow.

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Sunday Morning by Maroon 5

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Human Fly by the Cramps
Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie

cuz they make me wanna dance…

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Just Fine by Mary J Blige!

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