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What are good healthy meals streamlined and cheap for a month ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24356points) April 10th, 2022

Just wondering what a good monthly food would be? For one person. Also while being aware of the price?

No beans please.

Please suggest more veggies.

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Why do I suspect that you are wanting to eat ONE food for an entire month?

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@Zaku Lol. Just wondering what other people do? Also what I should do? I am looking for a simple streamlined approach to meal planning.

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You should eat a variety of food, preferably with healthy fresh ingredients.

I could semantically cheat and tell you to eat “sushi” for a month.

I am currently eating from a variety of recipes including collard greens, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, garlic, ginger, sweet potatoes, carrots, fish, chicken, pork, beef, eggs, whole-grain breads, cheeses, yogurt, milk, fruit juice and preserves, etc. I buy as much as I can from local independent growers, and as much of the rest that I can from small local shops and Trader Joe.

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@Zaku I eat two bananas, and two navel oranges daily. A home made burger and/or home cooked 12— 16 split chicken wings. High fiber cereal or oatmeal daily with blueberries. Also a Mr. Noodles ramen. Two liters of milk and water daily.

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That’s not as bad as I feared. I’d suggest adding some other vegetables.

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I will spend more time looking for vegetable’s next time I go shopping. Vegetables that I will actually eat.

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@Zaku I love broccoli and carrots. I will try adding them to my diet next time I go shopping.

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Try a chopped broccoli and carrot salad maybe with Ranch dressing or Blue Cheese dressing.

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Brussels Sprouts: steam for 4 min then stir fry in garlic salt + olive oil. Cheap, high fiber, low fat, and tastes good.

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Start with the basics of rice, veggies, and seasonings/sauces. Adding different meats and varying the spices can change the entire aspect of the meal without really changing the basics.

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My favorite way to prepare veg is roasted on a sheet pan with garlic, salt and pepper, olive oil, and rosemary or thyme.
Potatoes and onions
Carrots and parsnip
Red peppers and Brussels sprouts
Sweet potatoes

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If we’re talking about cheap but healthy food, then I’d suggest porridge. You can add different fruits to oatmeal so it won’t get boring after a couple of days. Usually, a bag of porridge can last for a week if you mix it from meal to meal with rice or buckwheat. To rice or buckwheat, you can add tomatoes or other vegetables. I can’t say that potatoes are very healthy but they can be cooked in many different ways and also be mixed with vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli or pepper.

Some potato dishes:
– cut boiled pieces that you can also bake in the over later to make them crispy;
– smashed potatoes;
– boiled and mashed potatoes;
– hash browns (not very healthy);
– fries (not healthy);
– sweet potatoes.

Also, I’d suggest cottage cheese with berry jams or yogurts. Berry jams last longer. 17.63 oz of cottage cheese can last for 3–4 days if you have it 1 time a day. A jar of jam (15.87 oz) will last for a couple of weeks (if you don’t overuse it).

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Update I cut out milk, juice and pop as drinks. I drink chilled tap water.

I am am slowing adding , non alcoholic, V8 low sodium veggie cocktails to my diet.

I have tins of peaches and pears, and oranges, and bananas daily.

I eat microwaved eggos with blueberry syrup as a treat.

I’m taking it easy on the chocolate, but not completely. I am eating them in moderation.

I have two or more pizza pockets instead of pizza.

I haven’t ordered take out in two months, as I prefer Instacart groceries from Costco and Superstore.

For Christmas I will order KFC and egg nog, or duck or pizza and hot wings.

I buy bulk hot dogs from Costco, and buns and cheese, and consume daily.

I will see if I can save money to pay off my debts.

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Also I have mixed nuts as a snack, and Clover Leaf tuna kits.

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Nuts are great for snacks! 6 almonds for a late morning snack and I’m good until lunch.

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