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Do you still expect service people to wear a mask in your house?

Asked by JLeslie (65198points) April 10th, 2022 from iPhone

Are you doing anything to try to make prolonged interactions with strangers safer?

Ask them to please postpone if they don’t feel well, ask them if they are vaccinated? Anything of the sort?

If you needed an appliance fixed or furniture delivered, etc.

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Well, it depends.

If they’re coming to fix the diswasher or put in some carpet, nah. I’m vaxed to the max and most people who work jobs like that are too.

But if the services are more “personal” a mask might be intriguing. I’ll wear one too, and talk dirty if it helps ;p

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I’ve been blessed to NOT have that problem up to this point!!! I just received my 2nd booster & have also been blessed to not have had Covid so far!!! Things seem to be leveling off some here, so I’m playing it by ear & having my gut tell me when I need to be more cautious. That has worked well for me so far. I’m still self-isolating when I feel more comfortable doing so & I keep a mask hanging on my neck so it’s available when needed. I’m NOT the type to live in fear; however, I do feel the need to remain cautious!!!

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Yes, I do. We’re far from over this.

Someone that I know and trust, sure, I’ll say let’s skip the masks. But someone who comes in to clear a clogged drain? Mask.

In general, though, I don’t ask people if they’re vaccinated. I volunteer: “I’m vaxxed and double-boosted.” They usually give their status in return, and we go from here.

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If they are working outside. No. If they are working in my home, yes. But honestly, most companies are still doing it because they can’t afford yet to lose workers for a few weeks to covid. I still get food deliveries with people wearing masks on. Some are self employed as well and can’t afford to be out sick for a while.

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To date, no one has shown up without a mask and we have had a ton of work done on the house recently. The place is better than a hundred years old now and it’s daunting to think about the effort required to keep up with it. But I’ve been surprised at the consistency of the trades people in maintaining the masking regimen.

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The cable guy came to fix a problem with their line out at the pole. He was up on the bucket truck working on the box. After he finished he had to come inside to verify the improved connection. He did not wear a mask but he did wear white Tyvek booties over his shoes so he did not leave a mess. I just socially distanced myself.

(In case anyone wonders, our speed jumped from 40 Mbps to 220 Mbps. He said we were only connected to 3 of the 16 lines that pass in front of our house. He figured our connection was a least 20 years old.)

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Nope. Let ‘em come.

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No. Didn’t really have any work done during the peaks of the pandemic, but recently had someone come by to fix the bathroom fan. He was not wearing a mask and I didn’t care. Another person who came was wearing one, though I had not requested it. I can’t say this is something I’m too concerned about.

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I’m now live and let live (or die or go on a ventilator). I usually wear a mask but I don’t keep score on who wears one and who does not. I care mostly because my mother lives in a nursing home and I don’t want to be the one to breach the wall.

I think a new wave is coming as we all get lax about distancing. It’s happened again and again. I do see more mask wearing at work in the past week, and appreciate the awareness.

Two days ago I had a sore throat and runny nose at work. I imagined I was losing my sense of taste but it wasn’t total. So I skipped work yesterday and got tested. Results arrived today – negative!!

Getting my 2nd booster this week. Yooohooo!

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Yes, I expect anyone entering my home to work to wear a mask and I always wear a mask too in order to safeguard them as best as I can.

I live in the UK and I am afraid the the cases of Covid are once again on the rise.

This in my opinion is because of the stupidity of Boris Johnson and his Government who believe they know more than the medical experts about Covid and made the decision to allow those who test positive to not need to isolate but carry on their normal business and go out and mix with vulnerable and pass it on to others.

Johnson did not even insist that those testing positive wore a mask, only recommended it.

I am 75 with a serious heart condition and diabetes and my wife has diabetes and COPD and I want to try to ensure that we are as safe as we can be and also those we come in contact with.

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I am vaccinated and supposedly healthy. I actually want to spread Covid (if I am a carrier) to the unvaxxed, because they are the same people who’d overthrow our country if given the chance.
And so, I no longer worry about masks.

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If any strangers came into my house, they would need to be masked (as would I). I would also open the windows before they come in to protect all of us. On public transportation, mask mandates are still enforced (and I am glad). There’s about a 90% compliance rates, and cloth masks are not an option. I feel pretty safe about that.

In stores, masks are no longer mandated. I still wear mine, and I don’t linger.

I have relaxed about seeing friends and family. We still test randomly and wouldn’t get together with symptoms, but we don’t wear masks.

@Kraigmo There are still people for whom the vaccine isn’t safe and/or effective. There are still brainwashed minors who aren’t allowed to get it. And there’s also many who are uneducated, mentally ill, or otherwise impaired and unable to get vaccinated. I’m not at all sure that most of the unvaccinated want to destroy the country.

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