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Diluted essential oils and pets?

Asked by DrShelby (182points) May 8th, 2022

I made room spray/linen spray with essential oils, distilled water and alcohol (I used isopropyl alcohol but any alcohol can be used). I used 1 oz of water, 1 oz alcohol and 3–5 drops of neroli and lemon essential oil. A relative of mine is now insisting that I am poisoning my cats and family by using it, and that ALL scented products are toxic, and poisoning me.

I’m very conscious of things that might be toxic to pets, like different flowers and ingredients in foods etc. I tried to research which essential oils are pet safe, but everything I find has conflicting information. For example, one website claims cinnamon and clove is toxic to cats, but another says to use cinnamon as a topical agent for shiny coats. I don’t use either cinnamon or clove but this is an example of contradicting info I saw when researching. I can’t find a clear answer online, and it is now stressing me out a lot. What do you guys think? Is it safe to use diluted room spray? I dont use essential oil for health, and I don’t even need to use them at all, i just like my home to smell good. I really enjoy good scents, and they bring me a lot of joy but now I feel bad.

This relative got emotional (angry) about this topic for some reason and raised their voice while explaining to me that they have a scent/chemical free home and that I am “poisoning” my family and pets by having scents in my home. They are insinuating that using scented products is somehow a moral issue and I am genuinely confused by all of this now, and am having anxiety as silly as that may sound. Thanks in advance, for any info.

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Your relative is right…if you were soaking everything in straight essential oils. But you aren’t. The mixture you are offering is fine.

But ask your relative if he ever shampoos his animals or if his family every bathes. The chemicals that are in every day soap or shampoos or even deodorants and toothpaste are toxic…if used in the wrong concentration. Does your relative ever use any chemical cleaners in the kitchen? How about when cleaning the house? Same thing.

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Seems harmless unless there are known sensitivities or symptoms. Ask you doctor and vet for peace of mind. As for lemon, I have read that cats dislike citrus smells and it can be used as a deterrent for scratching furniture. BTW no such thing as a chemical-free home. Pretty much every building/furniture/flooring/paint material has off-gassing.

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