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What do you consider a "snack"?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45307points) 5 days ago

And what is the purpose of a snack?

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@jellyjellyjelly Oh – I think that would be a full meal!

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If it puts off eating a meal by over an hour I figure anything under 150 calories q1ualifies as a a snack.
It can be an apple, an orange, grapes, toast, some salad, as long as it is washed down with water or unsweetened coffee or tea.

@jellyjellyjelly That would burn off a whole pizza.

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A few bites-a few Cheetos, a few crackers with cheese, a few grapes.

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A pint of Hagendaz butter pecan. With cake it’s a meal.

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A small portion of food taken either as a meal or between two meals.

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To me, a snack is a bit (not a “bite”) to eat to tide one over until mealtime. For me, usually in the prevening since I eat dinner at around 7:30/8 at night.

Also, it is not a snack if one has to dirty more than a plate or a paper towel and if you have to cook it more than in a toaster or microwave.

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To me a snack is a mozzerella cheese stick.

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That’s awful

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I have a voracious appetite so I don’t really do snacks. Two cheese sandwiches and a glass of milk will do, thank you.

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What kind of food is a snack or what do I eat as a snack?

What I will eat as a snack may be a piece of fruit, or some cheese and crackers, or a few bites of leftovers or some popcorn. Those are a few examples.

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An orange or package of ramen. I prefer peanut butter cups.

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To me a snack is a small low calorie meal or “snack foods” and it can be two distinct things. Some examples of a snack would be a piece of fruit, toast, boiled egg, some raw veggies, just to name a few. If can also be snack food, like potato chips, pretzels, and cheese, but those things can add up to be a lot of calories pretty fast and be more equivalent to a regular meal in the end if you eat too much of it. I think snacks should be less than 300 calories for the average person.

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A yogurt Parfait as its a healthy snack and or light breakfast for me.

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Only a half of a philly cheesesteak, instead of the whole.

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Some good cheese and cashews. Maybe some berries as well.

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