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Is there a way to cause hiccups?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20524points) 1 month ago

Not cure, but cause?

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Lots of whiskey.

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I often get hiccups after soft drinks.

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You could do what I just did and win yourself a spate of hiccups just like mine. I chugged the second half of a mug of tea in a most unladylike fashion and am now remembering why I should have sipped slowly. Luckily I was not in company.

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This description for a cure first describes a variety of ways we can get hiccups.

I once heard somewhere that it is some leftover from the very early fishes which first came ashore, and breathed. They described hiccups as being a leftover reaction in DNA which is trying to adapt to breathing. Maybe that’s why drinking so often causes them? Or maybe it was bs spouted by somebody who was trying to validate the reason for funding their research?

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Become a stage performer. Nerves. Hiccups often happen right before your cue. It’s a curse.

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I believe there’s a way to stick your finger down your throat and almost choke yourself, which interrupts the rhythym of breathing and causes hiccups until your muscles get back in synch.

But why would you want to cause them?

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For me, whenever I overspice my food, I get the hiccups. They subside when I drink water and the burn diminishes.

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@elbanditoroso To have a ready supply of subject to do research in a lab.

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I wake myself up in the middle of the night by hiccupping, sometimes several times. Weird. Very unpleasant, too.

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I will occasionally get hiccups if I eat something dry and starchy like a potato or bread and do not have anything to drink with it.

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Usually I get them if I over eat too much, like at a restaurant.

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