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What good movies, docus, TV series and shows in Netflix would you recommend?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27221points) 1 month ago

Just renewed my membership in Netflix after maybe a two year hiatus. The last three series I really liked———Mindhunter, Black Mirror and Love, Death + Robots. Thanks jellies!

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Russian Doll
Inventing Anna

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I agree with @filmfan regarding Russian Doll. Excellent show. Just finished Season 2.

Grace & Frankie

After Life


Last Tango in Halifax

Sex Education

Border Town

Midnight Mass


Black Spot


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Inside Job.

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Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul
Narcos Mexico
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Sorry to Bother You

Get a fee Hulu trial to watch Fargo (the show).

Edit: Forgot – recently watched End of the Fxxxing World, Sex Education, and After Life. Lot of people really like these series.

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Just to add to the excellent suggestions above:

The Haunting of Hill house was exceptionally well done. I’m not really into horror but my buddy is and he got me to watch the series with him. It’s just so well done that I was able to appreciate it. There’s a long shot (where the camera moves and never cuts) in one of the later episodes that absolutely blew my mind. There’s also a jump scare at one point that probably took a year off of my life, so be forewarned.

Stranger Things was fun. Later seasons were less good, but still had their moments.

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Finding things on Netflix has become a PITA, but I tried to find some not yet mentioned, and saw:

My Fair Lady
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Monty Python’s Life of Brian
Richard Pryor: Live in Concert

If you don’t mind violence:
Taxi Driver
Léon: The Professional

I’ve seen and would second:

Russian Doll
Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul
Monty Python’s Flying Circus

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Love, Death + Robots
There is a new season of Stranger Things about to come out.
Black mirror.

Edit, guess I should have read the whole description. Excellent taste sir.

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Thanks so much jellies! Got enough suggestions I will most definitely check out.

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Joan Didion, The Center Will Not Hold, Netflix

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I can recommend “The Good Place” a very quirky original comedy.

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Queens Gambit. Best miniseries ever.

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I’m just now answering this because I was trying to remember some, and then I happened upon a show with 3 seasons that I have to recommend. It’s called You and I’d heard that it was very good so I started it. OMG! It’s sooo good. The best way to describe it is that it’s a cross between a serial killer, romance, mystery, and suspense. It’s a Netflix original, which I think tend to be good, and some have been extraordinary, like OITNB, Bates Motel, and Nurse Jackie.

There’s some listed here I’m going to try, and some good ones I’ve seen twice, like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Nurse Jackie, OITNB and Bates Motel. I don’t think Bates and Jackie are on anymore. OH! I also recently saw Unorthodox which is 4 episodes (I think) about a young Jewish woman who runs away from her family in NY to Germany. Very good. Good luck in whatever you choose!

loved Mindhunter and am beginning to think it’s not coming back, it’s been so long

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^^The first Mindhunter
season was great. Liked it so much better than the second one. I would probably rewatch the first season anytime soon.

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Dark is great if you don’t mid subtitles (or speak German). Three seasons of time bending mystery. Take notes.

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@Zaku Taxi Driver and Leon The Pro…two movies worth revisiting every two years or less.

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