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What information do dogs get when they sniff other dog's butts?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45361points) 1 month ago

As asked.

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Probably more than mere humans will ever know.

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I thought it was gender and fertility.

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“What did you have for lunch?”

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Either the presence or the absence of trump.

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This is very simple. They enjoy it. Dogs like stinky things.
People will stop to smell the roses and dogs will stop to smell the butts.

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I could be wrong, but I thought it was like a social security number for dogs, as in each dog has a unique butt-smell that they can detect and remember. I’m just glad humans aren’t expected to do this.

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Considering that dogs have a sense of smell is more powerful by at least two orders of magnitude I’d say smell is pretty important. Neat fact I just looked up, apparently their brain power devoted to smell is 40–50% larger than humans as well. We perceive something that smells like ass as bad but a dog may experience it as an olfactory symphony.

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Identity, emotional state, diet, health, and external things they’ve come in contact with.

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If it is a suitable landing pad for the red rocket.

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It’s their version of a social media network – Buttbook.

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^^Buttbook not Analgram?

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“Does my shit stink worse than yours?”

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I’ve seen a dog sniff another dog’s butt, then step back and growl. Hmmm.

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Great article by Oliver Sacks on having an enhanced sense of smell.

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@flutherother I love Oliver Sacks.

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@janbb I have paperback copies of most of his books.

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@flutherother Next time I’m over your way, let’s light a fire, have a pie and a pint and read Oliver Sacks’ books.

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I always thought it had to do with identification of specific dogs. They obviously smell different, therefore their butts probably smell different, as does their pee. I know when I take my little guy for a walk, he stops at every likely spot to see who peed there and what it smells like. I call this reading his pee-mail.

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