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Question about your self-development [details inside]?

Asked by rebbel (34340points) 1 month ago

What is your answer when I put you the phrase:
“I choose for myself, because…....”

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I think I need more details. I don’t understand this.

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…my hopes, dreams and values may not be anyone else’s.

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I know what I need or want.

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no one else knows my bra size!

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I don’t trust anyone else.

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Because I know what I want.

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Because whenever I do it makes my butt look hot.

Thanks for noticing.

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I am picky about the cut of beef that I like. It has to call to me like a siren song from Jason and the Argonauts. I can’t just order online.

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“I choose for myself” because Iam resonsible for mylife decisions and no one else.

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I don’t know what this means either. Assuming it’s supposed to be read as “I choose (....) For myself because (....)” ???

I struggle with that wording. So I will say this:

I usually choose to indulge in my cravings because life is short and fuck it, I want chocolate.

Also I googled Kittenism how cute

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It’s true. I admit that I don’t know @janbb‘s bra size.

“I choose for myself, because…....” I know my own tastes, skills, and weaknesses.

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I choose for myself, because I know myself better than anyone else does.

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I choose for myself, because who would I choose to choose for me?

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Because I am not guided by external forces.

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