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Do you use doordash?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12539points) 1 month ago

I don’t like ordering food. It stresses me out too much.

So I decided to doordash but that scared the hell out of me because I work for a company that has doordash and it’s a pain in the ass.

So now I’m scared the employees think I’m annoying and I should have used a fake name.

It was my first time using doordash.

I told them to leave it at the door and walk away. I do not want to interact with the driver. I hope they don’t knock or try to hand it to me.

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I do, from time to time.

Ultimately I know it’s not a great thing. It encourages me to be lazy, it’s a waste of money, and it often screws the restaurants. But it’s just so darn convenient that sometimes I give in and order it…(and since the pandemic, they will just leave it at your doorstop if you select that).

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No. I live far from town, and they don’t cover this area.

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He didn’t know if it was my house or not so he called me >.<

But I have my food and he left it at doorstep

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Never. Automatically cold food.

My daughter uses it though.

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If I have to pay a fee for the service and then a tip on top of it, then no. I have never used Doordash or Instacart or any of them. I only get food delivered if I’m desperate, or if I’m having people to the lake and i order a pizza or something. Otherwise, I’ll either do without, or eat something at home, or eat in at a restaurant, or pick it up myself.

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I don’t order food delivery. I cook at home or go out to a restaurant.

Lots of the economy would collapse if everybody had my habits, so I am glad other people are taking up the slack.

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I haven’t ordered in food since the Pandemic after I ordered a pizza and half of the pepperoni was eaten off from the delivery driver. ( he was found out and probably fired).

I only make my own food and rarely go out for light meal at a Restaurant.(lately)

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No, I don’t want to pay for the delivery fee and tip to the driver plus tip to the restaurant. I don’t even do GrubHub because they take $ from what is paid to the restaurant => less $ for our favorite restaurants. I just order by phone or restaurant’s app, add a small tip, and pick up myself.

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I don’t, but I just found out a friend drives for them. He used to be a high powered executive type guy. Lol. He’s retired now, but likes making extra cash I guess. You never know who is delivering your food.

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I drove for them for a year. In Tucson, without air conditioning, through the summer. Still pretty much enjoyed it! The pay is good if you hustle. It was also a treasure trove of pure humor. The things people order. I have an entire album on my phone of screenshots of insane orders I’ve delivered. My favorite is a box of Runts and a pregnancy test at 10 pm.

Also some people were very rude and would berate me via text for not leaving their food in the right place—mind you it was never more than 10 feet away from where they wanted it and only in the wrong place because they did not have clear instructions. I always did my best, but it really reminded me how unhappy some people are. And also unhealthy.

But yeah, it was fun.

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I don’t use any 3rd-party delivery service, because I’d rather all my money go to the restaurant.

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@Brian1946 – that’s why I don’t even use GrubHub. Those guys skim a good percentage off the top, so restaurants get less $.

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I think I read that they pile a 30% charge onto the bill.

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When the pandemic started, I was ordering takeout thru Yelp. Yelp often passes online orders to GrubHub. When I learned of the 30% fee I started asking the restaurant when I went to pick up. Most of them pointed me to their own websites for ordering. Some even had lower prices than shown on Yelp/Grubhub.

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