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Has receiving text messages gone a little "odd" for you since the iPhone 2.1 update?

Asked by damien (2394points) September 18th, 2008

I keep finding that since upgrading to 2.1, when I receive a text message it’ll beep and show the preview (as it should) and then 10–15mins later, it beeps a second time but doesn’t show the preview. I unlock the phone and I’ve only got one message… Why the double-beep?

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Apparently this is a reminder, like if you didn’t see it the first time. Multiple alerts. I am looking for an override for this feature. It shouldn’t happen if you actually unlock the screen and read the full message (or respond, as long as the SMS application is opened on the screen). I will keep you posted.

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It was touted as a “feature”

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Oh, I see! I thought it was a bug or something! I haven’t been unlocking it and reading the text message because I can see the whole thing in the preview, so that explains it.

They should add a slider on the sound settings screen to make it optional.

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I just cancelled my service contract with At&t after having the 3G for two months. I switched to verizon and bought a 30 dollar phone. So far the reception is way better and it works in more places. I was sick of all the little bugs and disgusted at how long it took make a simple phone call or write a text message. Iphone is a cool concept but very impractical. Ipods don’t belong inside telephones and neither do movies or internet browsers. We have desktop Pc’s for a reason lol.

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Yes this is a feature not a bug. It’s sort of a reminder to tell you “Hey, I’m still here!”

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