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What is your favorie sports movie?

Asked by SuperMouse (30814points) September 18th, 2008

Mine would have to be The Natural or Bang the Drum Slowly.

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Any Given Day, Rudy, Ice Castles. Yeah that’s three…

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Personal Best

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The Last Boy Scout or Death Race 2000.

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friday night lights

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Remember the Titans

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Remember the titans

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Miracle. (2004, starring Kurt Russell, et al)

It is about the 1980 US Olympic hockey team

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@pans, do you watch the series Friday Night Lights? I think that is one of the best shows on television right now.

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@sm I love that show too….I was crushed to find that this next season will not be on NBC :(

I will have to wait until it is on DVD or Hulu

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WHAT?! I thought it had been renewed and was returning in early October! That is not the case? I did hear that Smash and Street are being written out early in the season, but not shown on NBC? Oh my, that is a sad development indeed!

Modified to add: OMG! I just checked NBC’s website – this is a huge bummer! DirectTV, they are going to be aired on DirectTV? WTH!

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See this link

I heard Kyle Chandler himself in a radio commercial just yesterday promoting the DirecTV thing. Looks like it will be on NBC in 2009 after first airing on DirecTV this fall. I stand corrected.

Smash?!? Street?!! Gone?!??!

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Yep, Smash and Street – GONE! It seems that since they are both out of high school they are out of storylines. Although he is my second favorite character, I guess that Smash leaving makes sense because he will be headed off to college, but Street? Street is a gold mine of great storylines, not to mention one of the few disabled characters on television. Who didn’t miraculously regain his ability to walk – see Logan from Dark Angel. Then there is the added loss of Herc, which to me is worst of all!

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Yes. I agree. I think that Street and Herc were great characters. And it was great to see characters w/ disabilities…..especially the way these characters were portrayed. Interestingly, I watched season 2 on NBC first and then watched season 1 on Hulu. Even though I watched it “out of order” it was still great. It seems that the shows that rate the highest are shows that I am just not interested in…..anything that I like, like FNL, usually gets cancelled.

I have not seen the FNL movie. Is it worth a look? (I assume that it isn’t the same characters etc as the show…..correct? I know it predates the show.)

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Rudy, Remember the Titans, and Becoming Giants (the miracle team of Hebron, Illinois in 1952).

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the little giants, rocky, the Cinderella man, the karate kid, eddie, the bad news bears, the mighty ducks, celtic pride, like mike, rebound, the babe, a league of their own, the water boy, the greatest, side kicks, best of the best.

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Cool Runnings and Angels in the Outfield. Remember the Titans is pretty awesome too.

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Remember the Titans and Million Dollar Baby.

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Any given sunday

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Bad News Bears!

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@allengreen: I have to agree. The Bad News Bears.

I like A League of Their Own, and there’s this older mini-series I really liked called Bodyline.

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‘Raging Bull’ or ‘This Sporting Life’ (seeing that ‘Personal Best’ has already been suggested). That is excluding kung fu movies.

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I was wondering about kung fu and dance competition movies. :^>

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Oooh Cyndy, Bodyline, as in the aussie series about cricket and Sir Donald Bradman?

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Yep. That was pretty cool. My fella grew up in Australia. I had him watch The Bronx is Burning with me and he had me watch Bodyline with him. It was really easy to get caught up in the story. It was also cool to see how Hugo Weaving played the most hated man in cricket prior to being a hot elf. :^>

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I have many but right there at the very top would probably be “Remember the Titans”.

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I’d have to agree with a few others and say “Rudy” was my favorite.

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I agree, oceansmist, Rudy was a great movie.

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American Kickboxer 1

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