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Dedicated iPhone twitter app, or just the SMS app?

Asked by jackm (6212points) May 13th, 2010

This is for anyone who uses twitter and has an iPhone. Do you use a dedicated twitter app, or do you simply use the iPhones SMS app, and receive tweets over text message?

Has anyone gone from using one, to using the other? What benefits do you see for your current system?

I use the default SMS app, but I can’t help but think there must be a better way. I would like to be notified each time I receive a tweet, but not from every one of the people I follow, just from the people I send to my phone now. Is this possible?

Also, what is the best iPhone twitter app in your opinion?

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I use Tweetdeck for iPhone because its free , if I wanted to pay for a Twitter app I would get Tweetie 2 no doubt. I use Tweetie on my computer and it makes me not hate Twitter so much.

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I like Twitteriffic.

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I love Tweetie, which (interestingly) was recently acquired by Twitter and will become the official Twitter app for the iPhone.

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I’m a big fan and user of Echofon, which also has a nice Mac client. If you use both, it keeps track of where you stopped reading last time and scrolls you to that place the next time you load either app.

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