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What's a good program or website to create and share my grocery lists?

Asked by scottk (31points) September 18th, 2008

I am looking for a program or web app that I can use to keep my shopping lists on. Here’s the features that I need:

-I need to be able to share it with other members of my family. Whether we all share one logon or each have our own, we should each be able to add or edit things on the list.

-It needs to be able to keep track of lists for different stores. I have different items I need depending where I’m at. I’d like to have separate lists for grocery, drug store, Costco, Target, etc.

-It needs to be accessible on my mobile phone. I have an iPhone. My spouse has a Windows Mobile phone. There priority would be for iPhone compatibility.

-It needs to create LISTS, not TASKS. I looked at Remember the Milk, but that web service is designed around tasks. It doesn’t lend itself well to quick check-off of a grocery list.

-As mentioned in the above requirement, I want to be able to check items off my list (preferably via my iPhone) while shopping and have them synced back to the website and/or program so my family knows I’ve bought the needed items.

I’ve looked at several apps in the iPhone app store, but have yet to find one that meets all these requirements. I have also looked at, but that site is both slow and doesn’t have all the features either.

Any ideas?

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Good lord! Just how organized to you have to be? (My grocery lists are usually on the back of a used envelope – if I have one at all.)

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Maybe create a gmail account and adopt a GTD-style system via labels or folders. Here’s a rough example.

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If you use iPhone they have apps for that see iCart for one but they have more.

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You could try using evernote Create your “note” and then go through your iphone to use the strikethrough to “check off” what’s done. Save it and bam. You’ve got grocery lists. I never thought to use it like that, but I might now.

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I think you want Toodledo. They have an iPhone-optimized version of their site, and/or you could use Appigo’s Todo native iPhone app, which syncs with Toodledo.

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I haven’t used it myself, but looks like it does most of what you’re looking for. It doesn’t specifically have an iPhone app, but you should be able to just access it through the web from your iPhone…

I also like the gmail and evernote ideas – either of those would give you the flexibility to do just about anything you want, since it sounds like you have a very specific idea of how you want it to work… Good luck! =)

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