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Hey freelance travel agents: any weekend getaway ideas?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) September 18th, 2008

we need a break. would love with to fly with wife somewhere over the course of three days and not spend a lot of money. she hates spending money. they say chicago is nice, but i already live here. trying to capitalize on that columbus holiday weekend.

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Ususally flights to Vegas are pretty reasonable and room rates seem pretty good right now. Catch one of the Circ shows. La Reve is pretty good. We just saw Ka and that was pretty amazing as well.

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Hey, cc34, my neck of the woods is a great deal right now, because it is hurricane season. There are no storms on the horizon, though, and the heat and humidity have been reasonable this summer so if you like the Orlando ambience, check out these amazing deals Hotwire is offering right now.

How about the Bahamas (cheap for the same reason) or the desert (great deals in Scottsdale (a terrific place for a weekend getaway) and Palm Springs. Here are some numbers.

Have a wonderful time.

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