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Does anyone know of a way to set up automatic text message reminders to others? (either from email or cell phone)

Asked by sizzle (8points) September 18th, 2008

I would like to set up reminders for clients of mine to follow up on certain action steps. I would like to be able to automate this versus having to do it manually.

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If you use Microsoft Outlook you can delay sent messages by using the options button under view. I’m not sure how to set up continuous delayed messages though. I need to do some research.

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I would do it with a cron job and the email address (which all phone companies have) that forwards to their text messages on their phone. Are you on linux?

We need to know what you have available.

Things like:
email client
email provider

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I use gmail, iMail, Leopard.

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Thank you for these answers by the way!

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Since you’re on leopard, you could technically use a cronjob to schedule the sending of the reminders later. You’ll just need to decide exactly what you want to do. You can send reminders to their email, text their phones or both.

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if you use ical you can set up email reminders with the phones, email addresses.

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