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Would this be appropriate to wear to a wedding?

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I think so, depending on the time and season of the wedding.

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I think, but I’m only 16. What do I know. It looks nice though.

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The color is problematic to my 71 year old eyes. Pastel color would be better.

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It would be lovely at a spring or summer wedding.

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Weddings can have very specific dress codes. What time of day? What time of year? and what does the dress code say on the invitation? The dress is lovely.

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If it’s outside on a lawn, I’d wear different shoes, but the dress looks nice.

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I wouldn’t wear ir but it looks great.

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Wear it with accessories that have color.

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Very pretty dress. It is appropriate to wear to a wedding unless otherwise stated on the invitation.

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In our area black is not appropriate for weddings but the dress is cute.

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In some areas, black is inappropriate for weddings.

In my area (NY metro area), black is very popular for weddings.

The style of dress is good for a summer or late spring wedding.

In other words, it all depends on the area you live in and the season of the wedding.

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The famous “little black dress” is never inappropriate.

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Do you think the bride would approve?

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I see nothing wrong with it. Go for it.

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