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Not a good picture !

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Too short for what?

They’re a bit short for church. Not so much for diving into a river and swimming,

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Seems okay to me.

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Looks like a girls legs. I am fine with it.

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Again I have to ask: did the person consent to have a photo of their leg posted online?

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No they are not too short.

One time I was jogging in my neighborhood and a women in a car slowed down to inform me that, “Your shorts are too short”. Then she drove off. So weird. I was wearing typical running shorts like many other fast runners wear.

What about these women at the beach wearing less material on their bottom than the material in a glove. They’re naked. Oh and you had better not look at them former than a quick glance or your a pervert.

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I wouldn’t wear that, but I couldn’t care less what other people choose wear (or not wear).

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“Oops, we couldn’t find that page.”

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^^ Same here. Maybe @Cindy1302 is clearing the photo or somebody didn’t want their legs ogled by a bunch of strangers!!!

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@LadyMarissa and I hope the latter is the case. Those photos were really disturbing to me.

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@Mimishu1995 Funny thing was that I wasn’t that interested in seeing the pic until I read some of the responses…especially @RedDeerGuy1.‘s Then I wanted to see what I was missing so I could give an honest reaction. Then Oops… popped up & now I’m feeling cheated!!! Good to know I really shouldn’t have been looking at it anyway!!!

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Based on some of your questions I’m beginning to think you’….a bit strange. You asked the exact same question last year on August 12th. Why do you care about his shorts, anyway?

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@smudges she also asked another question involving a woman’s clothes, so it’s not just the guy’s shorts.

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No image. Bummer

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“404 page not found”

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