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If Trump runs in 2024 should he take Marjorie Taylor Green as his running mate?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21499points) 1 month ago

They would make a great team don’t ya think?
She would believe anything he says, and he doesn’t listen anyways?

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You got to admit she is the only one that makes him sound remotely normal.

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There’s a chance they’d win, and then I suppose that’s one way of just ending it all sooner rather than later.

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At that point I’m backing a constitutional amendment that only those with a high IQ can run the country.

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It would be a sort of insurance against Trump’s assassination as well as his 3rd impeachment. After all, what would be the point to either, when there is a virtual twin jackass waiting in the barn to back up the fat one.

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@HP, with respect to the matter of succession, I’ve wondered if any of Jan. 6th’s brilliant would-be executioners of Mike Pence had considered this fact: if they did take out the VP, and anything happened to Trump, Nancy Pelosi would have become president.

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They would have killed her, too.

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Sure, at least she would be out of west Georgia

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Haven’t we learned our lesson about laughing at how ridiculous candidates on the right are? The DNC has shown a pattern of preferring Trump over Bernie and being willing to do anything to prevent a progressive on the ballot. If we never had Covid, Trump would have won a second term. Let’s all be VERY CLEAR about that.

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@gorillapaws Agreed. Even now he’s more popular than ever after Roe.

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She may make him look sane and sensible by comparison.

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That’s my point @kruger_d ^^

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My bet is DeSantis will be the nominee but if it is Trump he would not choose a female as his running mate. He’d probably choose DeSantis.

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@SQUEEKY2 “You got to admit she is the only one that makes him sound remotely normal.”

Really? Have you ever listened to her?

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He isn’t that stupid.

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@Jonsblond, Green is bat shit crazy and that is my point.

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Why are you even making light of this? If this was your mother you’d be devastated that she had such mental issues.

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Yeah I would but guess what? She aint my Mother , and sorry she is still bat shit crazy.

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Haven’t we learned? If that happens then we deserve what we get.

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@SQUEEKY2 I don’t think she’s crazy. She’s as cold and calculating as trump. They’re both opportunistic grifters. The
more they portray themselves as “ugly Americans” to the other side, the more they entrenched themselves into their hardcore supporters’ hearts and minds.

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Anyone who would agree to be his running mate would be batshit crazy.

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