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What travel delays have you experienced lately?

Asked by Jeruba (55747points) July 3rd, 2022

I’ve been hearing general remarks about travel delays. Yesterday someone told me that on a recent trip, two of his three flights were delayed, each by a day.

If you’ve traveled recently, what’s been your experience?

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I mainly travel by car these days. It does take me longer to fill up a tank, so I guess that’s a bit of a delay.

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A friend just flew from Canada back home to Florida and she said it took three days with the cancellations and flight delays. She detailed it as it unfolded on Facebook.

I chose not to do any flying vacations this summer. We’re driving about 2000 miles to some National parks in the west, and doing a few other little driving road trips. Hearing all the problems on the news, with the pilots and staff shortages, people having their vacations ruined because they missed their sister’s weddings and stuff like that – no thank you. Maybe next summer.

I know a few people that flew and it was fine but I don’t like to gamble and lose, which is why I don’t gamble.

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I flew to the South in the Spring and there was a short delay, a few hours, on the way back but I am hearing more problems now. I haven’t opted to fly anywhere this summer except for a short trip to Maine in August.

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I’m still avoiding all air travel, since COVID-19.

The only travel delays I’ve experienced recently have involved car traffic.

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My “new” daughter (the one I recently found out about) and her daughter (my granddaughter) recently travelled from Washington State to Denver via Amtrak. The train arrived over 24 hours late. The cause of the delay was “freight interference” which means the railroad companies that own the rails did not prioritize the passenger traffic as it is required to do.

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4 seasons in MN: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.

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My travel delay was on the highway. We were traveling north and had to pass Wisconsin Dells. Traveling north anywhere in Wisconsin during the summer months is a headache, but especially through the Dells. We decided to take back roads that were more scenic and less stressful. It added thirty minutes to our travel time but it was worth it.

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@Jonsblond, what’s the Wisconsin Dells?

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^ here’s a great description:

Wisconsin Dells is an unabashed and unashamedly fun-filled amusement center for the Badger State. The city’s water parks are among the most audacious and thrilling in the USA. It’s also known for its natural scenery, which hits a zenith along the bends of the Wisconsin River, where gorges and forests collide.

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We almost missed our connecting flight on our trip to the East Coast. The plane on the first leg was 45 min late, and we had 45 min to make the connection at JFK. Luckily, the first plane gave it a bit more gas so we arrived with 15 min to spare. We are able to rush through JFK to make the connection.

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It looks like the problem with extreme heat affecting railroad service is not confined to the US. Link

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