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Are there any airlines that offer unlimited monthly or annual domestic flight tickets?

Asked by gunther (169points) October 17th, 2013

I need to fly back and forth between two cities in the United States frequently. Are there any airlines that offer a ticket for unlimited flights for a specific time period?

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I found this. I don’t know what the fares are like. Many many many years ago I remember hearing about unlimited passes with American Airlines I think, but the passes were quite expensive. Some things to think about are if you wind up going standby a lot of flights are very full. If you are flying alone it might not be a big deal, if you are flying as a couple or family it might be more tricky. I don’t know if you wind up flying standby, I am just saying if that is part of the deal take that into consideration.

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My friends who are consultants (who fly out every Monday or Sun. and fly back every Thursday night – to the same client site in the same city every week for 45+ weeks a year) still have to get a ticket for each and every flight.
I’ve heard of them pre-arranging all the flights for a set price by calling the airlines directly and pre-purchasing all at once for a discount, but the flights are still individually booked.

There are very small commuter airlines (known now as local service airlines) that do fly from very small regional airports—like I know of Penair that flights out of Islip, NY (Long Island) to Boston..and those airlines will sometimes provide a “commuter book” of tickets..where you buy a series of flights for a set price. That’s about as close as you’ll come (as far as I know in the mainland US) to “unlimited” commuter travel by air. (But..there is still a ticket per flight..)

And, fwiw, for my job I fly about 70% of my working time—essentially at least 2 weeks a month, recently it’s been 3 weeks out of 4 (and have some colleagues that fly even more than me) ..and I still have to buy my tickets one flight at a time even when I’m going to the same client site over & over.

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