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Is the mass shooting at the parade today in Highland Park, IL, USA a tipping point for you?

Asked by JLeslie (62838points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Today is July 4th, American Independence Day, and there was a mass shooting killing and injuring many people at a parade to celebrate the holiday.

Here’s a link to a news article:

This area is a very Jewish suburb of Chicago, I don’t know if that might be all or part of the reason the shooter chose it, but I can’t help but think it might be.

If you are thinking you might seriously leave the country, because you believe it will only get worse, what will be your tipping point to actually pack your bags and go live in another country temporarily or permanently? Are you part of a group that you feel is more at risk than the average person? Obviously, everyone is at risk to some extent, because violence and terrorism can happen anywhere at any time.

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The shooting epidemic is a real life demonstration of that frog in a pot of water that’s brought to a boil. We adjust as the frequency and severity of these incidents continue to climb. We are more or less acclimated now to a few a week. And make no mistake. As with the price of gasoline, we ain’t seen nothin yet. It will be a daily event, then multiple mass shootings daily, and by the time stringent measures are enacted, and the mass murders continue to accelerate, consensus will grow around the inescapable truth. You saturate the society with enough guns, and all the laws and regulations in the world are but useless cosmetics.

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I’d rather there be a tipping point for the country when we collectively say “Enough!!”

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They won’t force me out they can F themselves first. But the tipping point for me was Alex Jones and his moron fan base yapping about Crises actors and False Flag shootings. The only crisis I see is giving fools like that a public forum to spout their BS.

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My tipping point was Columbine in 1999 ! !

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Oh there have been THREE HUNDRED mass shootings in USA by July 4, 2022 !

Another one in Massachusetts

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@Nomore_Tantrums They really should have locked Alex Jones up for that. He is also responsible for a good deal of the anti-vax attitude among the uneducated and gullible.

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There was a shooting today in downtown Sacramento, it doesn’t hit the national consciousness because only one person died.

My persoanl tipping point was Sandy Hook.

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This person they have identified appears to be another deranged attention seeker.

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No, but let’s just say the prospect of leaving the U.S. for a while and living in another nation is sounding more and more appealing. I am intending to leave temporarily in about two years (getting out before the 2024 election is coincidental, but perhaps wise). It may end up not being temporary, who knows.

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No. This problem can only be solved with thoughts and prayers. Clearly we’re not thinking and praying away this problem hard enough. There’s a great documentary about the pro-gun Republican theocracy in the year 3955.

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I think it would be safer in the middle east than in the states these days.
My tipping point is I hope I never have to set foot in the states.
Now as for gun control go to your corners dig your heels in and start screaming.

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If I could convince everyone I know to move then I would. I’m more worried about my loved ones than myself. I keep wishing for a big lottery win so I could take my family and extended family with me somewhere else but I can’t otherwise.
The one good thing is I believe the well-to-do were safe in their neighborhoods. It can’t happen here so we will ignore the bad people with guns because we will be alright. Now they know it can happen where they live. So let us see if this moves the needle more to tighter gun regulations at least.

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No. When I read about this this earlier there had been 57 shootings and 9 deaths in Chicago since Friday night. City with strongest gun laws in the country.

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Sandy Hook was not.
Uvalde was not.
Neither will this be.
You country has decided long ago, that it is perfectly fine to sacrifice mountains of children to the Altar of the AR.

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@Pandora That area, Highland Park, is very Jewish, I doubt they felt immune. They probably have police for hire at the synagogues when they hold services, they are most likely very aware of the threats out there, but everyone still is shocked when it happens where they live, even if they are not surprised.

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If you (the general you) still need a tipping point right now, than it’s a bad state you’re in.
And, unfortunately, you are.
I can only imagine one tipping point ‘worthy’ event, still to happen, but I can’t write that down.
This might be enough for the good reader.
Let’s say it almost happened one time, a few years back, but then no tipping came after.
I hate to be cryptic, but in this day and age one must be careful, and sensible.

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No, not a tipping point – just one in a long string.

Society is clearly comfortable with mass shootings, because society doesn’t have the will to do anything about it. If people really wanted to stop these events, they would take serious steps to do so. Like pass real laws about guns. Like require registration. And if that required 20 years to get rid of the old reactionary court system, so be it.

Keep in mind that this kid has parents. What did they teach him? How much of his actions are directly from his parents?

Maybe we should take the biblical approach and kill all the first born sons that are born to white christians? It worked for Moses.

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I dont live in the U.S. but I would think that the tipping point is when it hits your home neighborhood.

Give a resposible person a gun to use for hunting etc and all is good.
Give a drug induced person a gun and one has chaos.

I think that drugs plus guns are the problem.

Here in Canada lately more gang shootings..all related to the drug trade.( in Major cities)

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Something is very wrong. I grew up in the 60’s and what I remember most about that time was the general sense of optimism. Protesters helped end the war in Vietnam and pass the Civil Rights Act.

After the 60’s, the country has kept moving further to the right. I thought the election of Obama might be a turning point, but the opposite happened, with those on the right terrified by the symbolism of having a black president. In the world in general there has been a massive rightward shift. When will the pendulum start to reverse direction?

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@LostInParadise I think the 70’s was a further shift left, and then the 80’s the right started gaining power again. Reagan was part of it.

I hope Democrats see that Obama helped to bring us Trump. Not PC to say, but I think it’s likely true, and pushing to have Kamala on the ticket was a mistake too. People might get upset that it’s racist to exclude Black people from having the top spots, but the more important thing is for the country to be moving towards equality and the masses to have equal opportunities, and the country to calm down.

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No. These shootings will go on so one would be wise to gird one’s loins for it.

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A friend of mine just sent this article regarding an incident with the Highland Park gunman in a Synagogue. You’ll see Jewish people are hypervigilant about being targets. They still don’t know if his main goal was to kill Jewish people though.

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There is no tipping point for me. I only have one sister; if she goes somewhere, I’ll go with her. If I were much younger, yeah, I might consider leaving, but not at my age – and alone.

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No, there is no such “safe place”. It’s entirely a matter of bad luck for the average white person. For others, the danger is worse. (I identify as Native American, but it doesn’t “show”).

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I have friends who live in Highland Park IL.

This isn’t particularly worrisome to me. Just a day that ends in “y” in the USA.

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This area is a very Jewish suburb of Chicago, I don’t know if that might be all or part of the reason the shooter chose it, but I can’t help but think it might be.

Nope. He shot up his own neighborhood. Googling the jerk’s name shows he’s at least a third-generation local. No neo-Nazi or white nationalist ties, except maybe he was a Trump fan.

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@Call_Me_Jay This guy was clearly an incel.

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I have a friend on FB who believes that many of these young mass shooters suffer from Fetal Alcohol syndrome – that, is their mothers were alcoholics while pregnant and they have some physical and psychological abnormalities. There is some research to this effect. It would be good if this is true if they could be screened for potential violence.

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@Call_Me_Jay Well, he did visit a synagogue, it’s in the article I linked. I don’t think he was interested in converting.

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The tipping point should have been Sandy Hook.

My husband and I returned from a long camping trip to hear about this latest mass shooting. Our youngest told us about it. He said the murderer also traveled to our area and contemplated killing people here in Madison where we live. He was very disturbed with this information. I do not think this was racially motivated.

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There is no foreseeable tipping point. The days of a sensible America are reliably behind us. Recalling those days is the sort of thing we can recount to our grandchildren. You know, stuff like the days of quarter a gallon gasoline or water you could trust from your tap.

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