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Let's face it. Does Liz Cheney have any place in today's Republican party?

Asked by HP (4926points) 1 month ago

Isn’t lickspittle devotion to the fat boy personality cult the fundamental requirement for membership?

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Probably not in today’s republican taliban party.

But she isn’t totally off the hook. Her daddy, the Bush VP, played a pretty large role in building the atmosphere that Trump leveraged to become president.

Cheney also voted for the 3 conservo supreme court justices. So she isn’t a shining star for democaracy either.

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She votes with the Republicans the majority of the time. I guess it would make some sense for her to call herself an Independent, but if I were her I would only do that if she can’t win as a Republican in her state. I don’t know the local situation.

The Republicans need the politicians who know the truth but are constantly spinning and lying, to get some chutzpah and defy the party like Liz has. If they decide as a group to do it, they will maybe feel safer in numbers.

How do they sleep at night? I hope the Christians are right about hell.

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If the moronic alt-right could take over the ( R ) party like they did, then I’d think a less-dumb less extreme group of people could replace them. After all, they’re not as dumb, and not under investigation for sedition, etc.

Though, the greater obstacle would be the more rich and powerful people and organizations which pull the strings of the ( R ) party. But as the current troupe of morons get exposed, their analysts will probably calculate that their worth to them has fallen lower than their next replacements.

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@Zaku If the moronic alt-right could take over the ( R ) party like they did, then I’d think a less-dumb less extreme group of people could replace them. I like that. I hope you are correct.

This is why I say it will be up to the good Christians to save the country. The Trumpers are brainwashed. In my opinion they need their idolization to be deprogrammed and replaced with another person to idolize or another ideology to get behind.

Note: I do not consider all Republicans to be Trumpers, nor are they all brainwashed.

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Which one? The traditional Republican Party, The American Conservative Party (Tea Baggers), or the ultra conservative/religious Republican Party?

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Liz Cheney is pro war, pro torture, pro free market, defends corporations and billionaires, pro tax cuts for the rich, anti social democracy, pro life, anti-gay rights, anti gun control, etc. Her voting record clearly shows that she’s far right wing.

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Yeah, Cheney was a Trump supporter until she noticed he was lying about the election and trying to stage an insurrection, and apparently that was her line.

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At least she has a line. Although, I have to say I am annoyed at my Republican friends who suddenly now are fed up with the party. They had been helping the Republicans for many years when so much of the writing was on the wall.

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She is definitely a Repugnican Republican! She was strong Trump supporter until she determined that he had broken the law. She was right there at Trump’s side for almost 4 years as he loaded up the Supreme Court with right-wing lunatics and ripped children from the arms of migrant mothers at the border and then proceeded to lose them in a miasma of botched red tape and incompetence. She was all-in for that crime against humanity. She was all-in for the tax cut for millionaires and billionaires like her father who used his political connections to make millions as chairman and CEO of Halliburton and then turned around and loaded up Halliburton’s coffers by being the chief architect behind the war in Iraq. She’s her father’s daughter and I definitely don’t want to go hunting with her!

We are witnessing, once again, the rightward drift of the perception of centrist. She is and always has been a hard core conservative.

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