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Are people in Florida crazy? Is this really what America has come to?

Asked by tinyfaery (43928points) September 18th, 2008

Read this.

Can this really be a law?

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Ha ha! You know how you see something that is either ridiculous or unappealing and you say to yourself, “There ought ot be a law agaisnt that.” Well, now there is!!

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Florida must be water-logged…

I alway thought this was a free country! Wonder how much it cost the tax payers for this entire farce?

I wish there were a law against stupid people…one that wouldn’t allow them to breed.

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Isn’t that infringing upon your freedom of expression?

The style is stupid, but not fine/jail worthy.

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How can this happen? How did this become a law? Do they not have lawyers in Florida? This seems unconstitutional. Another reason I’m glad I don’t live in Florida.

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I blame the heat…

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Yeah, FL is so wack now that has a whole category just for crazy news items from the Sunshine state!

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I’d always thought that “fashion police” was a figurative term.

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…but I’ve heard of this in Michigan, too. Sorry, I can’t find a link right now, but I’m sure I’ve heard of this in other states. Not that I agree with it, I’m just saying, is all.

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Michigan law.

You were right. The whole country has gone crazy. But Florida more than other parts. :)

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Welcome to my world. Yes, people on Florida are crazy. Yes, I see examples of it every week. No, I am not looking forward to the election and what hi jinks they have in mind then.

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Wow, sounds like there are a lot of voters or state reps who don’t have enough to do.

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It is a ridiculous law. However, every time I see a guy wearing his pants belted below his ass I just want to go up and grab them by the shoulders and say, “Really? I mean, seriously? This is what you think looks good?” and just walk away, shaking my head.

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No more “tight buns in 501s” huh?

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Yeah, I really miss that!

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There’s laws like that springing up everywhere. A friend of mine in St. Louis told me his brother got a ticket for sagging pants when he confronted a police officer writing him a parking ticket. He got out of the parking ticket, but when the cop saw his pants, he gave him one for that. $250!!!

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Yikes. Lovin’ L.A. more and more.

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I know there are areas around where I live that have tossed it around; however, the constitutionality issue always came up…

I can’t stand low sagging pants! Put them up and please, even consider a belt! But…don’t waste taxpayer’s money trying to pass a dumb law about saggy pants!

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There are a LOT of stupid laws out there, even one that are way back from colonial times, especially up in Mass. and Penn., this IS a stupid law…ordinance really, not the product of the state legislature but more like a handful of community activists passing a “law” that is only punishable by a fine, and only effective in their small little jurisdiction, and now ruled unconstitutional anyway…...there are lots of unconstitutional laws out there right now, many passed by the Federal government… for instance the enemy combatant detainment provisions….Or unconstitutional acts: wire tapping….. or what about the fact that the constitution required the congress to vote on going to war but we haven’t done that in god knows how long….I digress

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It’s amazing these things get passed…or got passed. With all the people with government jobs, you’d think….on second thought…no you wouldn’t

Re; the sagging pants, I’m sooooo tempted to go yank em down on some of these kids!
Give me boys in tight pants any day!!!!!

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It is also a law in neighboring town near where I live. I live in Lafayette, LA the town of Opalousas, LA passed this law over a year ago. The chief of police said he has no problem catching the violaters because they can not run fast or far before loosing their pants. Let’s face it I really don’t want to see everyones underwear.

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Oddly enough, the sagging style is derived from admiration for guys who are in jail (belt and shoelaces are removed from prisoners in case the decide to harm themselves or others with them). So it may possibly be bizarrely appropriate to put the saggers in jail.

However, it is a waste of taxpayer resources in my view to arrest and jail folks for clothing infractions. After all, no one arrested Janet Jackson, did they?

I think we ought to have a law that allows us to depants any saggers that we see.

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I’d vote for the depants law. I actually speed up when those boys (notice it never caught on w/ try to cross the street – it’s fun to watch them try to run!

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ha ha! I’ll have to try that!!

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Darwin, that would be funny for a couple minutes. let the saggers see what jail is really like.

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As a Floridian, I’d like to make no attempt to defend the state. It is irredeemably whack-ass crazy. As for that Fark thread mentioned before, check out the recent headlines from the sunshine state. Totally whack-ass.

But we’re not the only state! Virginia is trying to ban truck nuts! Picture sort of nsfw. I’m being conservative in my judgment there.

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Truck Nuts. Ha ha ha ha ha…. Those things are gross. But, not a crime.

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I live in Florida… yep its true. sorry.

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