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What was the craziest day of your life?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34610points) March 15th, 2008

I know some of you have to have some crazy experiences. Please do tell.
please keep the stories real ^_^ it will only spoil the rest if you start making stuff up.

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Being born. Being cut out of a uterus and shoved into the cold to be captured in the fleshy apendages of one later called “mom” was a harrowing experience indeed.

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My 21st birthday in Tiajuana.

My cousin got stripped down and robbed by Mexican strippers after we told him repeatedly not to go into the “back room” with them.

Not enough room to tell the whole day.

Taking the trolly down to TJ is the BEST ever.

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me and three others went to delamere forest at around 10pm, we started a camp fire and brewed 120g of Mexican/Colombian/thai magic mushrooms, we had no source of light bacause absolute darkness intesifies hallucinations, we spent the entire night wandering the forest and chatting shit, at about 3am we just lay on our backs and looked at the stars, what a night

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When I’ve learned to dive with air tank,and breathe under water.

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probably one of the days during spring break 07 in Miami. Me and my girlfriends drove from our hotel to the club but we all got split up and ended up taking three cabs home like 3 hours apart. But before we left we parties hard in VIP like celebs. Miami was super fun!!!

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new years in california. i went to visit my friend from high school who goes to chico. so much partying. it was a lot of fun. i go to austin peay and we can party but that new years will provide amazing memories for a longggggg time.

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When I was 17 and went for 3 days to Villerupt in France to take part in the Jury of the biggest Italian film festival outside Italy: I went there with the guy I had a crazy crush on and we massaged ourselves in the evening in the hotel…a crazy day in a foreign country, interesting films, cool and very interesting people! Definitely cool and most unusual! (I think in the second of those 3 days there was more happening than in a week of my usual life!)

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