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What's the most job appropriate name you've seen?

Asked by robmandu (21293points) September 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m in a chiropractor’s office. And his name is Dr. McCracken.

Used to go to a dentist named Dr. Molar.

And I think there’s a tv weatherman with the last name of Sprinkle in the Charlotte area.

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I knew of an orthopedist named Dr. Bonz once.

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You do/did not! Really? Seriously?

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Dr. Tooth the dentist. Really.

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Not that it’s related to his profession, but there’s a reporter in Tupelo named Richard Chedder. You can guess what we nick-named him!

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My local news network affiliate has a meteorologist named Dallas Raines.

My wife’s OB/GYN is Dr. Morrissey.

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Oh yeah. Dallas with the uber tan.

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In the town I grew up in, we had a dentist named Dr. Moler. There is also a mortuary named Goodbody’s.

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I worked at Columbus Air Force Base (a pilot training base) and one of the students that came through was named Pontius – and now he’s a pilot!

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My driver’s education teacher was Mr. Carr.

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i went to a pain doctor named Dr. Hertz.

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Not exactly a profession, but I once knew a girl named Happy…who wasn’t very happy.
This is starting to sound like a limerick.

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I found a site with some funny names.

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there once was a girl named happy,
who had sex with her pappy,
this didn’t help her mood,
so she began to frown and brood,
and now i’m done with my rappy.

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Cantor Singer.

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I also used to go to a dentist named Dr. Molar!!!!!

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Orthodontist by the name of Dr. Rencher.

omfgTALIjustIMDu's avatar

…and my dentist now is named Dr. Smiley. No joke.

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Dr. Toothman was a dentist
A guy with the last name Pyro was a chimney sweep.

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gotta friend named Cris Cross. She’s a GIS clerk at the County Mapping office

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Do you think all of these people just careerially (totally made that up) caved under the constant ridicule and pressure? Name as self-fulfilling prophecy?
Except Happy, of course. Poor girl.

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I know a girl named IMELDA who works for the Post Office!

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Dr. Sweet, the dentist.

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Oh, and how could I forget the pediatrician, Dr. Killburn.

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I know a woman named DELENE, who is a SEAMSTRESS!!!!

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I knew a guy named Jesus who was going into the Priesthood.

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I think this is kind of the opposite of job appropriate, but I once had a french teacher named Mr. English. No joke.

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My childhood dentist was named Dr. Skull. (though it was pronounced School).

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< < is really glad he asked this question. What fun!

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Not a job, but I met her on a job, a girl whose name was Cleo Patrick.

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My husband was looking at hearing aids and the Dr’s name was Dr Silence.

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Dr. Smoker
Dr. Hurt (dentist)
Dr. Cockburn (urologist)

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Dale Driver. In many of my friend’s short films he’s cast as the driver. The joke is starting to get a little old…

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Kevbo: Cockburn?
Seriously? Really?

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Look him up in Taos, NM. Crazy, I know. ;-)

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Barber in my mother-in-law’s hometown named Harry Deeds.

NFL kicker named Longwell.

Met an upholster named Stapleton.

My cousin married a urologist named Dr. Weiner.

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Pwy: Hopefully your cousin is a he.
Taking the last name by patriarchal lineage is load of crock.
It should be whoever has the cooler name.
Though, of course, we wouldn’t have entertaining threads like this one.

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My doctor has an associate, Dr. Doctor.

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I went to this bar named Oasis…
When I asked the waiter that I wanted to meet the owner he told me:
“Mr. Gallagher will be with you in a minute..”
No joke, it wasn’t neither Liam nor Noel, but it was fun :p

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My brother-in-law, last name Diamond, owned a jewelry store (up until several years ago).

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@whatthefluther, his first name wasn’t Dustin perchance?

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The son of the late US Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall, John W. Marshall, was a director of the US Marshals Service, but was never addressed as “Marshal Marshall,” for some reason, even though technically, that was his correct title.

whatthefluther's avatar

@robmandu…My brother-in-law is quite a character and was even a bit wild in his youth but his behavior never sank to the lows exhibited by Mr. Dustin Diamond.

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I know an ex-catering manager called Meal and an internet security analyst called Hackett.

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I’m thinking of going into some sort of environmental science field, maybe something to do with water-y type sciences, and my last name is Waters :)

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oh, and I once went to a Dr. Harm
I thought it was pretty amusing

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Had a teacher in school named Mrs English… and yes she taught english.
Had a friend who worked in finance with surname Bogus – don’t know how he gets business.

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I had a drama teacher named Sandy Butt, who NEARLY named her daughter Tanya.

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What’s wrong with Tanya Butt? I mean, Butt is a shitty last name (no pun intended) but (no pun intended) Sandy Butt is way worse of a name than Tanya Butt. Tanya is just a normal (albeit annoying) first name. And while some Tanyas (or Tonyas) are asses, (see Tonya Harding), it makes no difference. Tanya Butt could’ve achieved greatness.

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What’s wrong with Tanya Butt?

Tan ya butt.

As in, “I’m gonna tan ya butt for that.”

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Sandy Butt’s way worse

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Better than naming the kid Enya.

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If she had twins she could name them Ima and Ura

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Found this site the other day, and was reminded of this question.

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I dunno about job appropriate but, definitely fun to say:

Doris Day. Dermatologist.

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Oh wow! Can’t believe I just remembered this now.

My sister did an internship in the US Attorney’s office… and one of the attorneys there was named Charlie Murder.

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Ex-roommate was a complete bitch. Wouldn’t take care of her cats. Her alcoholic father drank my good German beer and he used my soap. Ewwww. Last name was Butts.

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haha! Yeah, there was a really jerky kid in my year in high school whose last name was Pratt. Always thought it was pretty fitting.

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