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What is the law that things only go wrong until you enroll in the service plan?

Asked by janbb (62670points) July 15th, 2022

I have had mice, fleas and no see’ums in the house in previous years. This year I enrolled in the monthly unlimited service plan and no bugs or rodents have entered the house.

There must be a law like Murphy’s Law for a situation like this. Can you name it?

Humor greatly welcomed. This is a fluff question.

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I’ve never heard of it before, but it certainly stand up.
Let’s call it Jan’s Law.

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Yhprum’s law is the opposite of Murphy’s law. The simple formula of Yhprum’s law is: “Everything that can work, will work.” “Yhprum” is “Murphy” spelled in reverse. ¯\(ツ)

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Sounds like money well spent.

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@Lightlyseared Yes. I also bought a room air conditioner to drown out the noise of my neighbor’s late parties and they haven’t had one since!

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I have life insurance, but I haven’t died and been able to enjoy all that money.

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@janbb as long as it achieves the desired effect

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